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Contacting X-Aviation

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I don't like to speak such things in public forums, but it appears it may be the only way to be heard.


I need to re-download old purchases, all of them actually. First, I didn't ( and won't ever ) understand the principle of limited downloads and expiration date, then the need to ask X-A's CEO to manually reset our downloads. It means that even when you bought the product at it's full price, it isn't fully yours finally, it's availability ( in a case of global computer hard reset ) is based on the availability of the X-Aviation owner.. And no, I cannot save them to a hard disk as every 2 years when I need them, all were upgraded and X-A auto installer doesn't really like not to be up to date.


Anyway, I tried contacted you via the shop, as it should be done. No answer


Then I told myself " Hey, maybe sending him a PM would be a solution " ... It's been three days, you logged multiple times since and I see my PM isn't even read.


So please Cameron, I ask here directly, please reset all my downloads and please also understand that asking you all the time to reset them is not fun and even kinda embarrassing for me. I'm no pirate, so why let 3 downloads and 6 months only per product ? Just logging in and download what you want would be so much easier..


Best regards,


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