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DSF Scenery Packages - LaCrosse Wisconsin - KLSE

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File Name: LaCrosse Wisconsin - KLSE

File Submitter: jagipson

File Submitted: 28 Nov 2013

File Category: DSF Scenery Packages

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 10


To celebrate, here's LaCrosse Wisconsin. KLSE.

NOTE: There is currently a navaid issue which will be addressed in a future X-plane update. If you do not correct this, then the glidescope transmitter for R18 will appear (almost) on top of a taxiway. Since the data was updated, the taxiway and glidescope transmitter was moved. This airport file places the taxiway in the correct location, but you must (optionally) edit the earth_nav.dat file if you want to move the glide scope transmitter to the correct location. In a future update of X-plane, this will be fixed. Until then, you will need to edit the earth_nav.dat file after every time you update X-plane.

Find the line in earth_nav.dat contains "ILSE" and ends with "GS", edit the lat/lng (second and third field) to match this line:

6 43.89033333 -091.25760000 652 11110 10 300179.446 ILSE KLSE 18 GS

Click here to download this file

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