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Blender - Fuselage Modeling

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Hey Guys,

I've been playing around with Blender this week and actually made progress on a Citation CJ3 fuselage. I am a newbie at 3D modeling and blender so I need your input and help. I can't seem to model the curve of the windscreen on the fuselage. I'm happy with the nose but the windscreen is not accurate. When I apply subsurt to attain some curvature blender aggressively removes my windscreen. I've attached a couple of pics, I hope that helps.

Any advice on making the wing box? Start with a cube and shape from there? I've looked though several tutorials on youtube and blenderartists, and the ,org just need some direction where to go from here. Thanks.



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Subsurf should be used VERY carefully, if at all, for someone who is just beginning. Avoid it if you can. When you subsurf, you need to add extra loops to lock the shape.

Start modelling the window first and then extrude the fuselage from that.

With regards to the wingbox, it will take you a while to get that done properly. It's probably one of the hardest things to model on the exterior. My first wingbox took me 11 tries and 2 weeks. My most recent one took 4 tries and 3 days. Just have patience and don't be afraid to delete it if you don't like it. Even after spending hours making it.

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