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Gizmo Sidetray & Sound Menu

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On my 21:9 (3440x1440 100hz) monitor, the gizmo menu on the righthand side doesn't show up at all. Also, the sound volume control isn't adjustable. If I click any of the sound sliders they go to 0% and cannot be changed unless I click the "reset all" button. 


this all works fine on my 16:9 monitor. Any ideas? I've done a fresh install and everything else works.

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I'm running multi monitor. The 21:9 is the furthest left monitor. However. If I put the XP11 sim on my 16:9 monitor in the middle, it works just fine. No idea whats going on. Only found this bug by wanting to turn the sound down and I couldn't, temporary fix was to just move the sim over to a different monitor, adjust sounds, and then move it back to my sim monitor.


Edit: I should clarify, I'm only using ONE monitor for the sim, but have multiple monitors in my PC setup. 


Edit 2: If I hover my mouse inside the pop-out GTN750 window, the gizmo sidetray menu shows up. However, if I move my mouse out of the GTN750 window, it disappears. So I still can't click on anything. If I disable the GTN750 entirely, i still can't get to the ridehand menu.

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Basically, the XP11 brought multi-window support with it and changed the way that window-coords are shared with plugins.

Gizmo and the Saab were written pre XP11 so they do not account fully for these new coords.


As you've discovered, the monitor that X-Plane resides on matters, it's not so much the physical location of the monitor as it is the logical-id of the monitor.

Eg: Your 16:19 screen is probably logical ID 1 and 21:9 might be 2 or 3.

The fact that screen-1 is in the center doesn't matter. X-Plane will feed us useful position data.

When on screen-2 (far left, 21:9) the position data is somewhere in the negative values and thus the tool-tray mouse detect code doesn't fire correctly.


Better multi-monitor support has been on my list for a long time now but life has a habit of getting in the way.


There is currently a dev-beta of Gizmo64 v20.x being tested privately which has support for the new XP11 pop out windows and so on so support is coming for all the multi-screen goodies but it takes time.


For now, the best you can do is continue to move the sim window around. Sorry I can't give you a better solution. 


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1118180910_LES_Saab_340A-2020-01-1715_44_15.thumb.png.3adeb9fa3a53c542302ce3ec1f812ebe.pngHello all nice to meet you all, can you please help? just installed my saab 340 clicked auto start gets to starting makes a start up sound goes through the sequence ok then looked outside and the plane has no props? also the clickable side bar on the right is so tiny? also if you click one it goes to the top left side but you cant click it to get rid because it is covered by the x plane top bar?


Brand new HP OMEN intel 9900K  NVIDIA RTX 2080TI  32GB OF RAM


many thanks.

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