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Machine ID locked

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As the prompt states, once you de-authorize a machine it is de-authorized forever. This is clearly written and why we require you to type 'FREEZE' in all caps.

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This is funny.

It is not clearly written, your warning dialogue is a mere 1 sq.in. in a font that is barely readable.

This  is utterly illegal.

You guys just stripped me from my legally bought:



BAE Jetstream 32

and the Mitsubishi Mu-2 Marquise.

No problemo.

Hasta la vista baby

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Not really sure what you mean. There's nothing illegal about you de-authorizing your own machine. You had control of that situation, not us.

You obviously had no problem reading to type the word necessary to continue. I don't buy your argument one bit.

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X-Aviation Conditions of use.



X-Aviation shall provide you with software for download. The following end-user license shall stipulate granting of a software license and any relating documentation by X-Aviation to you.


You shall have the right to use the software permanently within the necessary scope for the intended use, which is outlined below.

You shall be entitled to reproduce the software only if the respective reproduction is necessary for using the program. This shall particularly include the program installation from the original data carrier to mass storage of the employed hardware as well as loading the program onto the main memory. You are allowed to copy the software once in order to make a back-up copy. The back-up copy shall be marked as such and replaces the original if the original is lost or unusable. Further reproductions, particularly for commercial use of the software shall not be permitted.

You may use the software on any hardware available to you, so long as it belongs to you. You may however save, use or store the software only on one hardware device at a time. Prior to software installation on another hardware device, you shall be obligated to delete the software from the currently used hardware device. If you are found to be sharing software or committing piracy with any other individual who has not purchased software, your account is subject to termination without refund.

Software usage shall be only permissible for private and non-commercial use. You shall have no right to lease out the software, or even share it with anyone else.


You contravene to your own "Conditions of use"


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Yes, you may permanently use it. You still can within the scope we provide, as outlined.

No, you may not authorize and de-authorize machines multiple times. This is also explained in the activation process.

You can spin this any way you like, but the fact of the matter is ample warning was responsibly given to you. Our wording in the de-authorize selection is unmistakably clear, and that's the end of it.

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