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IXEG 737 massive Stutters when using FMC

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I have recently purchased the ixeg 737, first of all, it's a beautiful aircraft, but I am having an issue which is very annoying. each time I make a change in the FMC that illuminates the EXEC light I get these massive stutters which last several seconds each and they are persistent until I manage to press the exec button. after the button is pressed and the light goes out the stutters are completely gone. I have heard other people also have this issue, and I would like to know if there is a fix for this.

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I would assume you are on windows. Go to windows defender settings and -add- a -folder- exemption for the entire /x-plane (make sure to add a /xplane folder not just file exemption)


Problem is when you make a change inflight, scripts are loaded and updated real time until you commit the change via the EXEC button on the FMC, under that time the defender analyzes the scripts and cpu goes to 100% killing the sim performance.

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