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IXeg Cockpit Flashing problem

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Hmm, this reminds me of the problem others had when using the (now defunct) option of "show vertices".

The "show vertices" option was a dubious addition playing with some OpenGL commands that where "not officially supported" at that time by Laminar Research. It worked, though, and looked kinda cool, so we added it.

Over the course of many years Laminar changed some inner workings, and now the "show vertices" option makes the 3D cockpit disappear from time to time - this option will be removed in a future update.

For now we ask to manually uncheck that option in the preferences menu of the IXEG 737.

Let me know if that helps, cheers, Jan


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1 hour ago, Airbus5717 said:

R U who made that tutorial for WED ?
ill check 

I made A tutorial for WED - I assume there are many out there ;-)

Cheers, Jan


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