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Audio Alarm Mid Flight

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Hi all.   Within the last month I upgraded my PC to something more powerful.  Along with it, I upgraded to XPlane11.  Needless to say, just recently upgraded to the latest version of the IXEG 737.  I have noticed some performance changes in the new XPlane 11 IXEG 737 from my old copy on XPlane10.  Generally speaking, I'm very pleased with the way things work on the new 737.  In fact, I have only one annoying issue with it that I can't figure out.

Mid flight, an audio alarm comes on out of no where (usually 40 to 50 minutes into the flight already stable at cruse altitude for some time).  Unfortunately being the "operator" that I am, I'm limited in the knowledge of the 737.  Further more, I am doing everything the same way I was taught and learned on the IXEG 737 on XPlane10 (and had no issues or alarms).  All "Failures" have been turned off.  But what confuses me the worse is that nothing in the cockpit lights up that may give me a clue as where the problem is.  I keep scanning the panels and don't see any lights on, or any values being above or below the standard operating values.

This happens on every flight so far I made.  This alarm does not seem to have any impact on the flight, it is just annoying going off in my headset.  So far, the only pattern I found is that the audio alarm goes off when I'm in mid of my descent (usually in the FL 250 altitude).

I'm don't think its a bug, I'm missing a step in my flight setup.  But again, I do not know where to look any more as to what the cause for the alarm is or how to fix it. 

Is there a log file that I can look at to see what is activating the alarm?  Does anyone have any ideas where I can look to narrow down the problem?



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What does the warning sound like? If it's an intermittent horn it would be a cabin altitude warning. It comes on when the cabin altitude goes above 10,000ft. It's the same warning sound as the takeoff configuration warning on the ground.

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Its a short as a beep beep but it has that errr errr sound.  Currently I do most of my flights by the book so I can get a good understanding of "the flow" during setup, flight, etc..  In other words I'm still learning what normal is.  Unfortunately, I do not do failures so I'm not all that well familiar with what sounds/horns are in failures.  I think I may record the sound and include it into this post.

Hope that helps.

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Almost certain it is the cabin alt warning.  Make sure you have setup the air con panel on the overhead panel correctly before takeoff ie.

Cruise altitude set

Toggle switch to FLT mode

Everything else to Auto

Slightly to the left is the big dial and the small dial.  Check them during your climb, big dial shows the differential pressure, keep it within limits, small dial shows the rate the cabin is pressurizing, should show a positive value to show it's pressurizing.

If you get the beeping, sounds like the cabin isn't pressurizing, so the big dial will be in the alarm zone, there is a Alt Horn Cutout button where you can silence the alarm.

See pic below (not from IXEG, but is same or very similar).




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