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Freeware 737-400 -500 -600 project

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Hey there! How are you!? im fine thanks! Today i'm here to invite you to join our new community project! the 737 classic project! or FP 737. My plan is to make a new version of the 737 avaliable for the simmers community, just like zibo did! and if I can, I would really like them to help! But now its time to invite you to join our project! we would appreciate as much people we have from 3D developers to beta testers! if you just want to be there, but you have no skills, its also ok! no compromises! come be a volunteer of this project! We are still trying to talk to IXEG and Zibo to get some help, but as soon as possible, I will bring news!


          You can join our discord group by clicking here: https://discord.gg/vVurmeT click it without hesitating! remember there is no compromise! dont be shy, we will be glad to receive you my friend! In name of the whole crew, thank you, namaste and good luck bud! 


in partnership with sideral air cargo www.flysideralcargo.com all right reserved. Why are you reading this anyways, click the discord button!

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