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Why do I need to type in FREEZE now?

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Hallo together,

Since a Windows 10 update to Build 1903 (2019-06-21), I want to enter FREEZE when i activate it.

The last time I entered FREEZE, I had big Problems.

Can anyone confirm that I absolutely need to enter FREEZE? Or is there another way I can use my X-Aviation products again?

Sorry i am German and use Translator. Thanks for Help and a

Good Day - Ernst


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Name your computer in the Gizmo activator when you get asked after every major Windows update.  Preferably a new name each time.  When you are asked to type FREEZE, make sure you select a name you entered that IS NOT the name you just entered after the latest update.  So if you just named your computer "EDWK01-a" after this latest update, and a previous name is "EDWK01-z", you freeze the one named "EDWK01-z".

Remember, you're activating a "new" machine, as determined by the Windows update, from within X-Plane.  It is safe to FREEZE an older machine ID.

Hope this made sense.

Edited by Goran_M

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thank you so much for help, but iam verry verry confused.

Here my Steps:

1. Loggin   Pic_01.png.e5fafb8473f3f781d34d945e2f4ccd0c.png

2. Choose a Name for the PC


3. Shall select a older PC ID


4. Select a (older) PC ID


5. Shall Type FREEZE??????? Why????


I m scared if a type FREEZE. The laste time was my Machine-ID blocked and i cant almost 6 week use my X-Aviation AddOns.

Is possible to give me more help? Thank.

Best regards Ernst



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Ernst, which one is the new PC and which is the one you DONT need anymore.
You want to FREEZE the one you dont need.
This action cannot be taken back.

In Deutsch
Mit FREEZE löschst du die Autorisierung eines PCs für immer. Nicht reversibel!!
Das schafft Platz für deinen neuen PC.
Kommst du nicht klar schreib mir privat.

Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk

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Okay Guys, good morning (Guten Morgen Oliver @JetNoise )

Thanks to all for help.

I have choose MyTopPc and thereafter type FREEZE and it seems  works correctly.

Thx again. Bye Bye



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