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Mouse pointer sticking and inverted hand manipulator

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I recently flew the IXEG B733 on XP10.51r2 and found that the mouse was sticking when hovering over control knobs or buttons and when the manipulator appears, it is shown in reverse graphics. So I removed all possible plugins except for the basic ones and those needed for the plane such as GIZMO. I tried searching solutions in the forums here and at the org without success.

This situation makes it difficult to fly as there is always a delay before I can input any command to the panels. This behaviour is shown in the linked video below and log.txt attached.
The mouse pointer sticks while I continue with a second rendition of the mouse.


- I am running XP10.51r2, 
- Mac OS 10.14.2 Mojave, 

- this sticking cursor also occurs on Rotate MD-80

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



Another way to ask the question is whether anyone is running this plane on XP10.51r2, Mac OS10.14.2 Mojave without this problem?
Would this be a Gizmo issue with Mac OS 10.14.2?

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Hi mrene,

I haven´t heard of that one before - but you MAY have activated some sort of Mac feature where the mouse "jumps and sticks" to an input field or such. I don´t have a Mac myself (I am a gamer :P), so I can´t really provide any further insight. Just think I heard of a feature like that in Windows...

Cheers, Jan



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Thank you so much for a quick response. I will try your advice.

I enjoy flying this plane enormously. For now, I use FMS input from my iPad to improve the experience.

Thank you and have a nice day !

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