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Hi Gents,

New IXEG customer here; loving the 733...used to really enjoy flying on them as a kid back when it was the mainstay I’d the SWA fleet.

Is there an estimated timeline for a fix to the fuel flow gauges?  Flying in the US, I use lbs per hour to measure fuel flow, but it seems I can only display FF in Kgs/Hr.  Pretty distracting.

Ive been working around the VNAV issues, no worries, but was hoping there would be a relatively easy fix for the units error on the FF gauge.


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Hi RhinoDrvr,

there is no estimate for changing the units shown on the fuel flow gauges. I hope that the U.S. will see the light and switch to real physical units soon, so we don´t have to make the modification... just kidding, of course :P.

Fixing this isn´t so easy because it involves editing and exporting the cockpit.obj which is (I am just a layman here) appearantly a bit more involved than making cold fusion happen and does involve some (black) magic and advanced astrophysics. It doesn´t help that the export scripts that were once used can´t be used with X-Plane 11 anymore, or so I have heard...

It is on the list, but as I said, not idea when.

Cheers and sorry, Jan


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