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TBM-900 1.1.6 Crash while loading - "Caught SIGSEGV: segmentation fault"

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The TBM-900 V1.1.6, on X-Plane 11.32R2 is crashing while loading the aircraft, before anything is rendered.

Running MacOS 10.14.2 w/ GTX 680.


I attached the TBM900_Log.txt and the X-Plane Log.txt files.

BTW, the TBM's log says running 1.1.4b, which is incorrect. X-Plane's Log.txt has the version correct: 1.1.6.


Also, where is the best place to report crashes, the forum or the discord?



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Added the X-Plane Log.txt

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Need the log.txt file from your root x-plane folder.

You can report faults either here or in discord.

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The issue seems to have gone away after I removed all the plugins, and then put all of them back... no idea why.


Also, I saw some people on the forum talking about the extreme lag issue with the rain effect, which i think is also on the Zibo 737. I have been having that issue. I think it only happens when I have a plugin using SASL loaded, so I'm wondering if the rain effect (Think it's called librain) has some sort of issue while running with SASL. The plugins that seem to cause the lag issue are AVS and Skunkcrafts updater, both of which I think use SASL.

No idea if the above is helpful, but it doesn't hurt to tell you.

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Librain, not Gizmo or TBM. Also made the whole thing readable.

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1 hour ago, skiselkov said:

@cpuwolf More context please. I googled for the issue and some folks have been recommending updating the display driver. Are you running an AMD GPU?

hi skiselkov, I met this issue only when I am starting a new flight with TBM-900. but it is not 100% reproducible. so I said it is sometimes.

but once it reproduced, it will pop up a window above, and I have to restart X-plane again, by high chance, it will be fine for the second boot


I will keep an eye on it. my config is 7700k+GTX980 i think it is super standard config. and I am not newbie on X-Plane

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