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Plane not tracking LNAV in 11.32r2?

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Hi Litjan - my B733 is not tracking LNAV in the latest release of XP11.32r2.  VNAV works fine, but not LNAV, and yes, I am very familiar with "flying" a B733 ;) I have to use HDG select to for lateral tracking. Has anyone else encountered this problem?



EDIT - I did another flight, and it worked correctly...weird.  XPlane did hang on exit, though...had to use WTM to end the process.

QUESTION - is it possible to stop the FOV from resetting to 60 degrees whenever I switch views from external back into the cockpit?  I have a 3 monitor setup and use 115 degrees for my FOV across all 3 screens.

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Hi Jim,

we did fix a lot of LNAV tracking problems with the latest update...but yeah, it could be that some more are lingering. Hard to find this stuff - if you get a case that is readily reproducible, we´d be grateful to hear about it!

Not sure on the FOV, but I think the "IXEG view system" is also a good candidate for getting cut with the next update - X-Plane´system is all that is needed, in my opinon.

Cheers, Jan


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