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Hello in understanding where Terramax should sit in the scenery_packs.ini File? what category is it? L=======ibrary, Overlay Scenery?. Thank you! If it is a Library, does it have to sit on top of other Libraries or below them or there is no difference.


Than you!

How should be the priority in scenery_pack.ini?
The order and thus the priority in the ‘scenery_packs.ini’ (you find it in ‘custom scenery’ folder) from top to bottom should be as follows (from local to global):
1. own and custom airports
2. original airports (Aerosoft…, Global Airports …)
3. additional regional sceneries (VFR-Addons like VFR-Objects, …)
4. additional continental w2xp sceneries (if installed) (for outside Europe e.g. VFR-Landmarks, VFR-Aerials, Forests…)
5. w2xp sceneries (if installed) (X-EUROPE, w2xp_America…)
6. libraries (OpenSceneryX, FF_Library…)
7. overlay photo sceneries (if installed, you don’t need it for X-EUROPE) (yOrtho4XP_Overlays if you are using Ortho4XP sceneries)
8. photo sceneries (if installed) (generated with G2XPL Ortho4XP…)
9. mesh files (if installed) (HD Scenery Mesh v4)
Note that HD mesh files work only when there is no photo scenery active in this region, as photo sceneries have their own mesh, derived from standard x-plane dsf or from hd scenery mesh.


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It shouldn't really matter - TerraMaxx just overrides default scenery assets. It doesn't really fit any of those categories. Just the let installer put it where it wants.

I would recommend putting it at the top, however, to ensure other packages don't interfere with it and create confusing results.

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