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Thrust Reverser

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Hi all,

New IXEG user and I'm having an issue. I've looked online and read through the manuals but can't seem to find this one. Thrust reversers dont seem to be working or I'm doing something wrong. My joystick throttle works. I can grab the throttles with the mouse but not the reversers. And somehow I've now gotten "reverser unlocked" lit for throttle 1 but not throttle two. Can someone explain how to get the "reverser unlocked" turned on and off? 




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Hi, you can not "grab" the reversers with the mouse. You need to use the X-Plane command "toggle thrust reverse". This only works if the throttles are at idle (just like in the real plane). Once the thrust reversers are toggled to "on"  your joystick throttle will now move the thrust reversers...

Cheers, Jan

PS: You CAN grab the "normal" throttles with the mouse - this is not really used to "fly" the aircraft, but more to be able to retard a single thrust lever in case of an engine failure or to advance it when you do a crossbleed start. To regain control of both levers just move the other lever (with the joystick) until they are in sync again.


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