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What does the button marked "TRIM" do?

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The button is on the center pedestal on the floor, on the autopilot panel.  The button is called "TRIM", and is located next to the button called "soft ride"


What is it's purpose, and when should/can you use it?


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its actually not a button, but rather a "trim limit" annunciator. Below is the full text from the real POH autopilot.  The jist here is that the trim surface travel it at one of its limits and the autopilot has no further surface movement (in at least one direction) to work with to adjust the aircraft attitude.  The reference of the text to "UP" or "ON" escapes me though...I can't recall seeing that offhand.

On another note, I'll take the opportunity to say here....for whomever reads it....that the Moo is finally undergoing an extensive overhaul....in prep for V11 and the future in general.  The moo was built on V8 tech...and its time to get it updated.   The 3D is well underway, and showcased in another forum thread....but the systems programming is also going to the next level, as are the sounds.  My goal is to get this guy to the X-aviation "take command" level....i.e. study level.  




The elevator TRIM annunciator announces out of trim condition by the illumination of UP or ON annunciators when a sustained signal is being applied to the elevator servo. The autopilot should NOT be engaged if either annunciator is illuminated.


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