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Zach Decou


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So far, the community here has made my dreams a success by giving me the tools to write plugin functions that work. Now I want to write functions that fail!

I did the following:

Write a function that watches ITT. If it exceeds n a one shot timer kicks off. After x amount of time, a function is called that starts an engine fire. Problem is my failure fails to fail. The timer works as I can write to any other non-failure dataref. So it would appear that theres more to failing a dataref than simply writing a 1 to it. 

I looked at the G-21A lua script to gain some insights. It's syntax conventions are different from what I have become accustomed to- heads nor tails. 

The function that is called by the timer looks like this:

dr_sim_engine_fail1 =xp.getDataref("sim/operation/failures/rel_engfir0")

function failengine()

xp.setFloat(dr_sim_engine_fail1, 1)


It's that simple. I can plug in any other non-failure dataref and write to it. 

Any thoughts?

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Not sure that it matters, but try....

xp.setInt(dr_sim_engine_fail1, 1)

as the Dataref you're writing to is an Integer.


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I figured it out. Now no one has any excuse to not have custom failures in their aircraft!

Here is my code. Use it!

--list some things you want to trigger failures

dr_sim_ITT_c = xp.getDataref("sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_ITT_c")

--list what failure datarefs you want to fail

dr_sim_engine_fail1 = xp.getDataref("sim/operation/failures/rel_engfir1")

function engineOverStress()
--build a timer that begins when the limit is reached, but is destroyed if the limit is no longer reached before the timer goes off
local timer_overStress = nil
local ITT = xp.getFloatV(dr_sim_ITT_c, 1, 2) --either of my engines in this case

--start an argument
if ITT >600 then
if (timer_overStress == nil) then
 timer_overStress = timer.newOneShot("failEngine", 15) --calls failEngine() in 15 seconds unless the pilot reduces ITT!


elseif ITT <600 then
if (timer_overStress ~= nil) then 
 timer.stop(timer_overStress) --stops the timer when pilot corrects his erroneous ways


function failEngine()
--the dirty work...
xp.setInt(dr_sim_engine_fail1, 6) --thanks Jim!

Ok, here is what I had wrong:
The failure method used in X-Plane has 7 modes-

1. always working [0 in lua]
2. mean time until failure [1]
3. exact time until failure [2]
4. fail at exact speed KIAS [3]
5. fail at exact altitude AGL [4]
6. fail if CTRL f or JOY [5]
7. inoperative [6]


Now go forth and fail!

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