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9 hours ago, Test1234 said:

Will IXEG Update Flightmodel with new xp.30 ?

Most developers including IXEG will start updating their aircraft once X-Plane reaches a solid release candidate, or for some, only when the latest release candidate is declared final.  It makes no sense for developers to be chasing a moving target while X-Plane itself is being debugged.

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Correct - I am testing our IXEG in 11.30 and make sure that it runs as it used to in 11.26. LR already fixed a few problems (trim not working, some lights not casting light...).

There is some misunderstanding about the "new flightmodel" in 11.30. It actually comes in two different instances:

1.) Austin corrected the "ground effect" and "wheel traction" in 11.30 for ALL aircraft. You will always see this effect, no matter if you select the "new experimental" flight model or not. The ground effect fix affects the IXEG as well, flaring behaviour is much better now. It comes at the cost of a small drag increase which most people will not notice.

The wheel traction effect does not, since we override the tire friction to achieve realistic crosswind capabilities.

2.) The "new experimental" flight model incorporates Austin´s experiments regarding bodies in oblique airflow. It changes aerodynamic drag for the fuselage, and adopting to that (which we will eventually) requires extensive re-tuning to get correct behaviour and will not start until some time after 11.30 is final.

In the meantime it is important to NOT save the .acf file in the new (11.30) planemaker - this would stop the backward compatibility and - for example - would render some lights inoperative in 11.30 and on.

Cheers, Jan


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