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Gauges reflections

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Hi all,

I'd like to thank the developer for this wonderful work and for keep updating this aircraft. So far the only complain that I have is the gauges reflections. I am aware that they can be turned off by clicking on them, however it seems to be that either solution is extreme. The reflections are in my opinion, fogging up the gauges completely, making them near white. On the other hand if I remove the reflection, all the 3D nature of the glass is lost. So, I would like to ask if it would be possible to improve the reflections to be more realistic or to include a third option, so that we have an intermediate reflection solution. If the nature of the reflection cannot be changed, I think something between no reflection and the current reflection would be more pleasant and realistic.

Thanks you for your time!

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Yes, I am far from satisfied with the current reflection, but the way that X-Plane manages the glass material doesn't give me a lot of options. Still haven't been able to work around that. But as it is now, is not a definitive solution.


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