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1.9 Unable to advance the torque even with full throttle

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Having an issue with the new version of the MU-2. When advancing the throttle the torque does not advance.


I have tried the following:

  • Removed all plugins (not disable removed from folder) apart from Gizmo
  • Reinstalled the aircraft
  • Cold and Dark and start with engines running


I am also having some temp problems with the SAAB340 also so not sure if that could be related. Xplane 11.25 and Xplane 11.26 I have tried.



Thank you in advance for any ideas.






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8 hours ago, mjrhealth said:

Have you deactivated start locks. in the manual. Once started teh prop lever need go into reverse to remove start locks. REad the manual.

Thank you very much this solved it!


My mistake I must have skipped over this.




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