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Torquesim Aircraft Development - Pocket Rocket/Draco/Turbulence

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We are pleased to announce our new brand. Attitude Simulations and AFM have partnered to bring you amazing aircraft under the brand TORQUESIM.


Our first aircraft is nearing completion. We still have a fair amount of work ahead but we are entering the final phases...

Impulse 100 - Pocket Rocket:

Features fully simulated electrical system, oxygen, LR G1000 suite with highly detailed G1000 model, in house programmed G5 avionics backup, PT6a-28 with custom tuned belly exit exhaust, accurate PT6 sounds using FMOD gathered by the team, custom weather effects including animated rain and ice on the windscreen as well as ice on the leading edge surfaces and wings that build up the longer you fly in poor icing conditions, highly detailed 3d exterior model, interior and full use of PBR materials. An official list of everything will be released before it hits the store. Stay tuned!


After the Pocket Rocket we have some exciting things in store! I have recently traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with the legendary Mike Patey. I collected an awesome amount of data on his Wilga 2000, DRACO! As well as his 380 kt Lancair Legacy...TURBULENCE! We hope you are as excited as we are! Here are a few pictures I took to keep you on your toes!



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