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SAAB 340A Rudder, Elevator Flutter Uncontrolled.

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Hello All.

I have done a clean install twice now (v1.5), and disabled a number of plugins with no affect.

Even from Cold and dark, the elevator and rudder flutters "full" deflection up, down, left and right. This is "not" because of the wind. The wind is a mere 4kts. During the entire flight from cold and dark, taxi, flight, approach, landing and again taxi it does this all the way, even with a 4 kt in flight head wind, the plane pitches up and down, and yaws left and right. This makes final approach a battle as you can imagine.

Is there something I am missing? 

Is there a fix for this?

Or when will this issue be addressed by X-Aviation?

I love flying the 340A in FSEconomy, but at this moment I am sitting with a dead in the water paperweight.




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If you search these forums you will find discussions regarding this.  I believe we fixed this for v1.5.1, which should be coming soon.

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I did search the forums first, but couldn't find anything related to this issue. 

I saw something about an upcoming update that was posted in March, but seeing as it is already July and the update isn't out yet, I posted this topic. 

I do hope the update fixes it, and I really hope the update isn't still months away. I like the plane, but in its current state, I can't use it.

Any updates on a release date for 1.5.1?

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A simple search found this...


and this...


....and if I had the time I'm sure I could find more!


The update has been finished and sent to the publisher.  A new installer needs to be coded, which is not a simple task.  

In any event, v1.5.1 will contain a fix for this issue.  Cameron can provide more information on "when" this will be available.

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Bought this plane last week and love it but I have the same problem with the rudders. (note 29/7/18 also include the elevator in this with the same problem although it moves without any power on it's own). As soon as I turn on any power (Bat or external ), the rudder pedals start moving by themselves quite dramatically. Makes it very hard to fly.

Looking forward to a fix so I can jump back in and start flying this wonderful bird again. :)




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