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MU-2 v1.9 nosewheel issue [XP11]

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Greetings o/

I'm using The Thrustmaster T.1600M joystick with thrust lever and pedals and up to this version the pedal's yaw axis would also turn the nosewheel on the ground.

That's not the case anymore in v1.9(for me anyway). Yaw axis doesn't turn the nosewheel anymore. Using the the twist (Z axis) on the joystick itself with the function 'nosewheel tiller' doesn't work either.

So far, all I could come up with is to assign a button to 'Nosewheel steer toggle' and then use the toe brakes to steer. But it's very jerky, inaccurate  and frankly not very user friendly.

Is this as intended? If it isn't, I open to any suggestion to remedy this situation.


Edit: after reloading xp11 it seems to work (at least the Z axis on the joystick with the nosewheel tiller function does, which is good enough for my purposes). So, please disregard all the above...

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Issue solved by itself

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