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X-Aviation Will not answer messages

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How is one supposed to get in touch with support?

On Saturday may 26th. I purchased over $100us on software from a guy named Cameron. Sunday i emailed him to say that after countless hours of trying to download Terre Maxx i just couldn't get it to finish the download . All of the other software titles download with no problems.

Cameron told me he would see if he could supply me with a DVD. This DVD never arrived and since that weekend i have not heard from Cameron. I have never ever been treated this badly from any of the countless X Plane suppliers of scenery and planes that i have had the pleasure of doing business with..

I have sent 7 emails (approx. 1 per week) and the last message i  stated that if i did not hear back from him by Monday June 11th. I would cancel my credit card. Well i never heard back and i didn't cancel my card. Bottom line i wanted that program.

Now ; as you can tell i am pretty pissXXX off........................

I think this is downright rude  of  the guy. He was there all weekend answering my questions regarding the sale, he even suggested that i purchase "Skymax and Real Weather" which i did and love them.

Then as soon as he has my money and i have a problem with downloading Terra Maxx he just disappears. 

This is a cry for help but also a cry of disappointment in Cameron. I normally do not use forums much (too busy flying) but the guy has left me no alternative but to hang our dirty laundry up in this forum via this message. 

I must admit that i have not read any messages in this forum so i do not know if i am an isolated case or whether this is common practice. this message is basically to flush Cameron out of the woods and help me to down load terra maxx. or better still provide a DVD.

Mahalo, Piko

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I'm wondering if you were trying to download TM via a wireless connection? Or even a wired connection into a router....


If so try connecting directly into your modem and give it another go....


Some routers are having an issue with the size of the download.....


As far as support I can't answer for any delays, I'm just a co author.... :/

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I never stated I would see if I could send you DVDs as my main objective. I did state we don't sell or have them. There's a lot of misinformation in this topic, and I don't appreciate it at all.


I was very attentive to you. I even spent a good hour with you on live chat diagnosing things with you. In the end I informed you I would be investigating a way to re-create the installer to download in even smaller chunks just for you. Nothing has changed since.


Sending 7 emails is nonsense. Don't do that, please.


You can air dirty laundry, and you can even be pissed, but if you do so, at least get your story straight and be honest about it.


Sincerely Pissed,



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