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Demo of Gizmo's Powers

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Hey all,

Here is a screenshot of what I was able to achieve with Gizmo in just a few hours of coding - a terrain display complete with a left-right sweep.


It uses the bake terrain function to build the terrain image and it draws using a radar beam-like sweep. This was all done within a few hours - it would take me quite a while to get this level of development using the plugin method... having to attach a debugger in Visual Studio, make code changes, load a different aircraft, build in Visual Studio, copy+paste to the plugins folder, load the plane, (and do that over and over...)


My personal wishlist for future Gizmo versions is if it could include a colour-scheme that mimics the Airbus/Boeing colouring scheme (the ocean is currently magenta in my version from a colour-scheme applied). It could be fixed via a fragment shader but the source in the documentation links have been removed. Other than that, this thing is fully working! Thanks for all the hard work, Gizmo Team!

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