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Issues with XEnviro 1.08

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I wasnt expecting it to work, but here is what I have found:

My Xenviro weather refresh rate is set to 10 Minutes.

I start X-Plane 11, select new flight, with the Saab340....it loads and weather starts to load immediately....the sim crashes (see attached logs). This happens both with the SAAB and the IXEG737 in exactly the same manner.

However, if I load a new flight using a default aircraft or one purchased elsewhere, it loads without issue and operates without issue.

And more interesting, I can load a default aircraft and wait for weather to load....THEN I select the IXEG or the SAAB and all works really well......for 10 minutes, until XEnviro tries to load weather and the sim crashes again. 

I am guessing if I change the weather reload of XEnviro to 60 minutes I would be able to fly the SAAB if I first load a default aircraft and fly less than 60 minutes.





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I have the same problem. If I deactivate Xenviro 1.08, the Saab340 & IXEG737 work as expected. I sure hope we can get this fixed because I really like the planes & Xenviro 1.08.



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We're still waiting on Andrey from XEnviro to return to normal life after what he went through in Russia (The fire with multiple fatalities).  He and his family, who were there, are safe, but it's shaken him up pretty badly.  So, we're not rushing him, and just letting him get settled and get back to us when he's ready.

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