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Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5 Update Released!

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Hello All,

This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.5 update for the Take Command! Saab 340A. All customers who have purchased the Saab 340A up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the Saab 340A from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.5 for you.

This update brings official compatibility for X-Plane 11. It is also applicable to X-Plane 10 for those still running that platform.

What if I didn't get the update e-mail?

If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do:

1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php

2. Find your original Saab 340A download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version!

The following is a list of additions/fixes included:
What's New / Changed:

  • X-Plane 11 now supported
  • Fixed a bug with CRS 2 Dial
  • Re-coded the CRS1 logic to better handle the GPS course adjustment
  • Fixed a bug in the pump timer logic to test if timer is active prior to initialization
  • New tiller hydraulic on/off button command added
  • Fixed a bug within the sound code
  • Fixed autopilot from oscillating in X-Plane 11
  • Reduced take off trim
  • Changed radius of gyration for X-Plane 11
  • Adjusted engine PID logic
  • Adjusted ITT Temperatures
  • Aileron trim adjustments for X-Plane 11
  • Added PBR and new normal maps for X-Plane 11
  • Adjustments to glass objects and textures for X-Plane 11


As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support!

Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.

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oh yes, 2 big ones in one day....thank you sir, it's going to be a great weekend....now how do I fly this thing again?

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I've completed two flights in it so far. It's great and I haven't found any issues whatsoever! Also, I don't have a very powerful machine, but it still runs so well!

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8 hours ago, Sebastien Steiner said:

Thank you Cameron,

Thank you Goran,

We were all so excited to have this update. It works fine with Xplane11. So cool.

And for free, event if the plane is already old.


Don't forget Jim (JGregory)

He gave it the systems.


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I bought X-Plane 11 two months ago and just bought the SF340 today and went through the included pdfs for Quick Start, Intro & Settings, Flight Tutorial, and Systems.  I have a medium level computer that I use for work with an attached Thrustmaster HOTAS joystick. None of instructional pdfs make any mention of the Steering Tiller. The steering tiller is not modeled in FSX planes. When I tried to taxi after following the Quick Start procedures, the plane went straight forward. After multiple attempts, I was cursing this plane! To LES or X-Aviation staff: Please update and modify those instructional pdfs for XP-11 at the appropriate place in the documentation (Quick Start Page 10; Flight Tutorial Page 10; Systems Page 173/174) to include a statement to the effect, "To engage nosewheel steering using a joystick or other external simulator device, press the Steering Tiller down prior to beginning taxi." It will be quite useful if the statement was accompanied by a graphic showing what the steering tiller looks like. Thanks.

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I have a problem with the display of radios:
In the cargo version they look good, but in the version passengers do not.

Turn on texture compression in X-Plane.

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