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[Confirmed]Some navaids not being displayed

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I'm having an issue getting certain navaids to display on the ND. VOR-DME are depicted but not DME or VOR. selecting SY(Sydney) in the fix page shows SY as a DME in the database and draws a green circle on the ND. In one of Jan's IXEG videos on Youtube, the ND shows ALF DME (Alster) but I'm not able to display that on my ND.

Navigraph 1801. X-Plane 11.11. IXEG v1.21.

Help =)

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Hi Antares,

you are right, the TACAN (DME) and VOR should also be displayed at ranges 10-40. At 80 and up only "high altitude navaids" are being displayed. This is with the EFIS NAVAID switch being on (tuned navaids are green, unused cyan).

When the switch is off, only the used navaids are shown in green. Try to "tune" SY on the VFH radio and see if it displays in green then. I am unable to verify this right this second...

I will add the bug you found to our database.

Edit: I just checked and ALF isn´t showing when tuned, either :-(

Cheers, Jan



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