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Hey guys i kinda have a problem.

I´m at a Stand in icing conditions. -3°C , Snowy.

Ice was clearly visible on the wipers, so it was on windscreens as long as windowheat was of.

At some point i noticed, that the GW in the ground services menu didn´t match up with what my fmc said, even after a few calculations (i wanted to check if maby i made a mistake). So i assumed it must have been the ice building up on the wings. At that point the deviation was about 5 tons.

But no matter what i did, (wing anti ice, engine anti ice and so on) the GW shown in the ground services-menu kept rising...and rising... and rising... to app. 66 tons

it startet to drop as it stopped snowing. As soon as the snow came back, the GW rose again.

Am i doing something wrong? Or is it a bug?

The only thing that helped, was to switch to manual weather setting and winch the temperature up to 40°C. this made the GW drop very fast, so at least i could fly somehow.

X-Plane 2018-02-11 19-03-51.bmp

X-Plane 2018-02-11 19-04-01.bmp

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