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Landing Lights?

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I see where the switch is for each landing light but I need to know what setting is which. I can not find anything in the manual - maybe I overlooked it.  What is "RET"? I do I ensure they are on or off? Thanks

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The MU-2 has extendable (or retractable, if you prefer) landing lights on the forward fuselage.

The switches have 3 positions:

Back position - the light is off and RETracted.
Middle position - the light is extended, but not illuminated.
Forward position - the light is extended and illuminated.

According to the plate in the aircraft, the lights should only be extended at speeds below 175 KIAS (same as the landing gear). But I don't think anything bad actually happens in the sim if you exceed this speed with the lights extended.

I quite like the extension animation; if you flick it straight to the forward (on) position, it won't actually light up until fully extended. Nice touch!

(And the MU-2 looks almost as cool as a PC-12 with all its lights on.)

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