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Weights for PFPX profile

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I am trying to set up custom PFPX profile for this plane. Below are the weights that I came up with. Can someone confirm or correct me please?

All weights are in LBS!

DOW: 72753

MZFW: 105000

MTOW: 138499

MLW: 113999

FUEL: 35583

PAX:149 - this comes up from PFPX

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As Jan and Morten just told in another post, it aint any set values for this on the 733. It depends on the configuration by the airline.

But Jan also told they used following weights for his airline. So that is a good start. :)

Jan's numbers:
Max Taxiweight: 57830 kg - 127 493 lb
Max Takeoffweight: 57600 kg - 126 986 lb
Max Landingweight: 52600 kg - 115 963 lb
Max Zerofuelweight: 49450 kg - 109 018 lb

DOW: 32 831 kg - 72380 lb (From the aircraft model file)
Max Fuel: 16085 kg - 35 461 lb (Max fuel you can set in X-Plane for this aircraft)





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Tom is correct. There are no specific weights that we "built" this plane to. The plane is built to fly correctly at a big range of weights, whichever they may be.

The only thing set in stone is the absolute minimum weight as shown in that other thread. Consider this to be the weight of the basic airplane with enough oil to run the engines - and two pilots on board. There is also a limit to the fuel you can load into the tanks (0-16.000kg) and then there is a maximum payload you can carry using the IXEG GROUND SERVICES menu, ca. 23.000kg. Using the default X-Plane weight menu you can even load way more.

Everything else is up to the specific operator. Boeing has published "maximum weights", but they vary from model to model. You can pick which one you want to portray in your PFPX profile.

Cheers, Jan


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