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Without digits in EIS - X-Plane 11.20vr1

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After updating to X-Plane 11.20vr1 I realized that the digits are not there.
I do not have any VR hardware.

In the attached log there are several errors related to VR (normal), but there is other that seems strange to me:

0: 01: 35.003 W / ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft / X-Aviation / IXEG 737 Classic / B733_config.txt is not valid!

I know it's a beta and possibly Laminar has broken something, but I wanted to inform you and know if there is a solution without having to go back to the previous version.
I tried to reinstall the IXEG 737 but the problem is still there.



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Thanks Ben

So it seems like a problem on my part?

I have been flying for months and I have not had a single problem.

Only yesterday, when I realized this issue, I decided to try reinstalling it.

The funny thing is that it seems to have coincided with the Xplane update.

This is the structure of my folders, I do not see anything out of the ordinary. The xplane folder is on the desktop.


Another fact is that I recently updated the 1713 navigraph cycle, but I think I've flown with it without issues and I do not think that's the reason.


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I suspect it's an issue with 11.20vr1 and the long standing GL bug that affects xEnviro, Intel GPU's, XSB and so on.

I recently wrote some tooling to find and fix this bug. The fix is in the code base and will appear in the next IXEG update.

I cannot say when that will be but if the bug persists we'll probably have to issue some kind of quick patch regardless of the status of the rest of the IXEG update.

Laminar are not going to revert to older slower GL code to maintain compatability with our bugs. (IF that's what it turns out the root cause is. I'm speculating in the open right now.)

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I understand that things are moving continuously and very fast. No complaint on my part.

If indeed that is the problem I will wait for the update or the patch.

Unfortunately I can not return to the previous XPlane version because I just ordered my Oculus Rift. I do not plan to use it in complex aircraft like the IXEG, I do not think it is possible to handle it reasonably well by resolution issues, etc. but I  want to test it in general aviation.

Thanks again Ben, great support.


PS: If you need any more data or any test let me know

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I can confirm the displays not working properly with 11.20vr1.

I have filed a bug with Laminar Research and hope that they know what may have caused this.

Cheers, Jan


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