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MU-2 Engine Operations - New MU2 owners

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Hi all.  with the "Black Friday" sale onging, I'm sure there will be new users who will notice the engine inconsistencies in the MU2 model, i.e feathered props and EGT, etc.

XP 11 brought about several sweeping changes to the engine model and this current MU2 1.8 release was a "V11 compatibility" release, at the request of several folks who feel that some MU2 flying is better than no MU2 flying in V11.  So even though V11 broke a few things, we have released it as the V1.8 update so folks could fly it again.  While this is great for existing owners, for new owners it might come across as, "hey this is really broke" and unawares of how XPlane can break things during major version releases.

Now the good news, is XP11 brought about some new functionality that will allow me to simulate the Garrett engine better and more accurately than ever before, and I am at present working through those changes and nearly done.

So to those new owners, I say, hold on for a bit and we will be putting an update out in the near future that will get this MU2 engine working great.


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Thank you for all your hard work fixing this. Really looking forward to getting the best out of this plane and being able to fly it with all the proper power setting. 

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