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After a windows update last night have the same problem with Xplane11. On initial startup my previous IXEG resume  flight resulted in a 3D cockpit partially blocked out by a large  brown blob?

It also indicated that my IXEG needed to relicense which I carried out with the same result. However X plane11 seems OK. I also had a box appear indicating "No ACF loader Please re-install Gizmo" 

I understand a GIzmo is used to organise how a computer executes a series of tasks in the correct order - way above my capabilities. 

So it looks as though the recent Microsoft update has stopped our fun?

Can any of our boffins help out?

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Further information - The large brown blob I mentioned was actually the back of a head of the pilot (me) and a co pilot has also appeared, which is possible as this is a most recent version. On re-loading the IXEG The following red script appears:

O.256: Load script: extensions/GateKeeper?GatekKeeper.lua.gfys: (string "extensions/GateKeeper/GateKeeper.lua.gfys"):599: attempt to index local 'json resp' (a number value)

This seems to be the problem due the de installed  Gizmo.

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I have reported this to IXEG regarding our problems.

The reply I have received is to delete these two files:



Then start the sim and log in.

I could only find the second one listed which I actioned and all is ok and back to normal.

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