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Here is the situation:

I have 1 manipulator with custom command, but I want, depending of the value of a variable, to use it to run a sim/command. Which I cannot make it work. A pseudocode example of this:

custom_cmd_1 = cmd.newCommand("custom/cmd/1", "A custom command", "custom_cmd_1")
sim_cmd_1 = cmd.newCommand("sim/foo/cmd1". "A sim command", "sim_cmd_1")

function main()

if variable_X = 0 then --Now we want to use the custom command to run our code

	function custom_cmd_1_OnStart()
		dref.setInt(foo, 1)

  elseif variable_X = 1 then -- Now we want our command to execute the sim command

	function custom_cmd_1_OnStart()
		cmd.onceByName("sim/foo/cmd1") --Or cmd.beginByName ... the results are the same.

end --if

end	--main

There is a way, by using a 2nd manipulator with ANIM show/hide, but I'm looking if there is a way to do it through code.


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