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Igex 737 seatbelts light

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hello guys,

Could somebody give me instructions how the fasten seat belt interior lightning should work ? Recently i have noticed during my pushback phase, when i switch the fasten seatbelt switch to ON, it takes very long time until the cabin lights dims out.... from the outside the plane lighs are shut down however cabin lights still illuminates for couple of seconds ... ( maybe 1 min or so... ) 

very similar shen i switch fasten seatbelt above 10k feet to auto, again it takes long time to light the cabin interior...

Did i start doing doing something wrong during my my procedures? Because i believe some time ago the lightning reaction on steatbelt switch was immediate...


thank you!

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We have noticed similiar things - for some users. I have the same issue, sometimes. So far we have no idea why that would happen, the suspicion is that it has to do with the way X-Plane adjusts the lighting from bright to dim.

We are still investigating. However, this problem should go away when we move the cabin lighting to HDR 3D lighting...

Cheers, Jan


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