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Static Air Temp

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Hi All,

Where does one read the SAT? I ask because I am flying along at 350: TAT -15c with rain hitting the windshield. Quick glance at the wipers and I do not see icing.

If I understand correctly use anti ice when (TAT < 10c and SAT > -40c) and of course visible moisture.


- Carl

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Hi Carl,

if you are using the "steam gauges" option for the instrument panel, you can use the little button on the thermometer.

If you are using the regular version, you would have to resort to using the PROG page 3/3 - which does not work yet :-(

Here is a little rule of thumb: Build the difference between your Mach number and .50, then subtract that from the current TAT. Example:

Mach 0.74, TAT -15C: 74 - 50 = 24 .... -15 - 24 = -39C

I would not expect to see visible icing in the real plane unless +8 > TAT and 0 > SAT > -20 and visibile moisture.



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