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Tom Knudsen

Developer request for paid work.

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Hi, I'll give a crack at X-Pilot first. 

If someone feels they have the knowledge and expertise to handle this forward request, please pm me


The X-Plane simulator is very nicely integrated with the QGround Control and Mission Planner and the Mavlink based autopilots.

It can be extended by:
1)      Defining new planes (including texture)
2)      Defining new environments/location
What we need is the following:
1)      Have someone to design the Drone/Multicopter test platform with a 3D stabilised camera, in as an XPlane aeroplane.
2)      Have someone to design a SCENERY according to some drawings we will get, into the XPlane scenery.
3)      Add some virtual sensors. That is, use the KNOWN position from the simulator and create a stochastic point cloud from the know surroundings that is exported over UDP.
  • The goal is to create a point cloud that I then can use to find the absolute position and compare it with the simulators know position.
  • In a simulator, you get GPS data even inside a house, and without drift, so we can compare the estimate to the real values.

Best regards

Tom Knudsen

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As an update to this post, we are now looking for one particular person that knows this?

1. Blender

 - Animation

2. Plane Maker /with emphasis on multi-copter

3. Plugin knowledge or knowledge with data refs. 


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