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Is it possible to assign 1 axis to both condition levers?

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First of all I LOVE the plane! Just one minor issue. I'd like to assign the second throttle lever on my Thrustmaster HOTAS throttle to BOTH condition levers if at all possible. I see no use for that to take up two levers when they (almost) always need to be operated together. In the rare case I want to operate them separately I can always do that with the mouse.

However, currently I see no way to assign the same controller axis to both condition levers using the built--in gizmo. Is there some workaround for this via a config file or something, or if it's not possible currently could you guys consider it for next patch?


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yes, but you need to install first a free plugin named xjoymap found on the xplane org forum. Once you have the plugin installed and working:


1. Go to the saab 340 root folder of the variant you use. i.e. passenger variant


2. Create a text file “xjoymap.ini” (this will be the config file for the assignment)


3. Paste the configuration below. Your “xjoymap.ini” file should look like:

[saab CL both]







31 = is the axis ID of your hardware lever on xplane. To know the ID number of your lever axis you want to use. Go to the saab axis menu. as usual for axis assignment and move your lever to assign it for left or right CL just for the purpose to know the lever id on xplane



I think the developers said they have managed how to assign the CLs easier for the upcoming version. As of know, just follow the steps above is quite easy and works great.



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Assigning 'prop' to an axis does not work for me on a brand new installation of the Saab.

I cannot move the condition levers at all unless I assign my axis to 'Prop 1' or 'Prop 2'.

As there is no Saab axis menu in 1.5 (star icon), I cannot use xjoymap as I don't know the axis id.

I sure would like to be able to assign both lever to one axis.

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