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Elite Hardware Interface and Gizmo incompatibility?

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I am posting in this category as it seems to only affect my Gizmo-powered planes. Feel free to move this topic to another place. :)

I'm using the Elite AP-4000 avionics-stack to control radios, HDG/CRS bugs etc. There is an official X-Plane plugin by a third party needed to make the hardware and X-Plane work together: https://www.simplugins.com/html/elite_interface.html

The panels work fine with X-Planes vanilla aircraft and all non-Gizmo planes I have. However, when using the plugin with Gizmo-powered planes, there are differnt issues. Loading the IXEG will cause an instant CTD when the plane gets loaded (logs attached), while the SAAB does work partially, but the plugin seems to be causing conflicts with some of the avionics (radios won't turn on while the GPS is usable and changing frequencies on the AP-4000 is correctly reflected by the GPS).
I know it's not a priority to make Gizmo compatible with all external hardware panels, but maybe it's just a simple issue which can be fixed in a future update more or less easily, so I just wanted to make the issue apparent. :)

I have also opened a topic at the Simplugins support forums in order to let them know about the incompatibility. Let's see if they can work around the issue and release an update to the plugin.




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No changes to Gizmo's architecure are planned or will be made to deal with this.

I would love to give a detailed technical discussion about why this happens, at the moment I simply don't have time.

Thank the idiot pirates.

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23 minutes ago, mgeiss said:

Ok, no worries.  :)

Does this also mean that Simplugins can't solve the issue on their own?

..if the issue is Gizmo causing a stack-overflow of it's internal LuaVM, then yes. They should be able to solve it by adjusting where/when the drefs are read/written.

(DRT is one tool that has crossed this before..)


The reason I can't "just fix it" is that Gizmo allows custom systems Lua code to "answer for" the datarefs.

Where this code goes and what it does to calculate the answers is entirely upto each product.

So long as it works ok for X-Plane's OBJ8 engine with manipulators and so forth I consider my job done.


The interaction with every third party plugin is beyond my control.

Clearly Gizmo is more sensitive to this than any other thing out there, perhaps I am the only one providing such a direct low-level exposure to the scripts to provide dataref values.


At the end of the day I do not own any of the hardware that triggers this bug.

I have invested time attempting to recreated synthetic failures;





Maybe after Christmas I'll have some more money for sim-hardware that I'll only use for compatability testing.

( I have no space for a hardware sim pit..)


Sorry I can't be more helpful.

I hope this post shows that I do care...

I DO NOT want to play the "point the figure", "it's their fault" game.

 It's just a difficult issue to solve.


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Thanks for the detailed reply!

I'll check if the hardware actually needs to be attached to the PC, or if the issues already occur when the plugins are present and active. If the latter is the case, then using the free demo could be sufficient to check if something can be done to at least lead to a "peaceful coexistence", even if this means that the hardware won't be usable when flying Gizmo-powered planes.

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I just unplugged all of the hardware panels, and apperently it's enough for the plugin to be installed to trigger the issues. So if you  feel like digging a bit into this, installing the free trial could lead to something. But of course I understand that it's not on top of your priority list (or on the list at all ^_^ ).

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