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JRollon-CRJ200 Ram Leak

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When I fly the JRollon-CRJ200  my ram usage will slowly rise until eventually I get to 90%. Then my computer bogs down. I have 8gbs of ram. This does not happen with other planes. Any fixes? It will not go away until I restart my PC.

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What OS, X-Plane, navdata and CRJ-200 version's you using?
Attaching a copy of your Log.txt should list most of these bits of info.

You said the problem dosn't happen with other planes, but does it happen every time you load the CRJ?
If you have noticed this problem on a number of flights with the CRJ, you need to ask youself what do these problem flights have in common?

For example, are you flying from/to/near specific airports?.... possible scenery related.

Do you get this problem when your programing a particular route/fix/awy/SID/STAR etc.........possible navdata related.



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I know you are trying to be helpful by responding to every post about a possible memory issue with the CRJ-200 (on this forum and the "other one"), but I find that it distracts from the fact that the JRollon CRJ-200 has a bona fide issue with memory leaks under recent versions of X-Plane/Windows.

To help demonstrate this, I installed a second clean copy of X-Plane, and only installed the CRJ-200 and no other plugins or add-on scenery, libraries, or aircraft.  I recorded one 2+ hour long session flying in the Southern California region (where I frequently fly on the PilotEdge network with other aircraft and sometimes for hours at a time).  This video should dispel any notions that other plugins or sceneries are to blame for any memory leak issues.  I suspect this may be an issue with the Qt-based avionics plugins.  

Hopefully the developers can find the time to look into this, since this is a popular aircraft, still sells for a full retail price (and is not discounted as an "old plane"), and continues getting support from third-party developers such as Blue Sky Star Sounds and their amazing soundpacks.  It would be nice if this plane could get some use on longer routes or multiple legs, but in it's current state, many of us cannot use this aircraft for those purposes.



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