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RWC update not working correctly for me

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This is a continuation from our discussion via XPD on FB.


Here are the files you requested.

Ok, so what I was expecting to see at KGCM 300035Z Auto 0905G35Kt 1/2 +TSRA BKN007 BKN013 OVC050 22/20 A30.12

You can see via the pics that the weather displayed is incorrect, the clouds look great but the visability is obviously greater then 1/2 mile.

The Metar.rwx file is showing KGCM 292355Z AUTO 01005KT 10SM CLR 31/20 A30.05

You can also see in the pics that its not clear skys although it is a good 10 mile visability. 

Is this what I'm supposed to be seeing?






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SkyMaxx Pro doesn't actually set visibility on your terrain; all it does is draw clouds. X-Plane itself is responsible for visibility.

Did you install the new X-Plane 10.50rc3 update? If not, X-Plane is unable to download METAR data of its own to work with, and that's probably the issue.


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No I haven't updated to 10.50 yet. I'm waiting for the official release first. I installed NOAA plugin last night and got killer results when combined with RWC. I will just use that combo until I can upgrade to 10.50. Thanks

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