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those two numbers are the lowest (the # below) and highest (the # above) terrain elevations in hundred of ft amsl


006 means the lowest elevation on the covered area is 600 ft

090 means the highest altitude on the covered area is 9000 ft

I can not see your present altitude on your screen capture but it seems to be high enough that the highest elevation on the area 9000 ft (090) does not represent any risk at all relative to your aircraft altitud, otherwise it will be shown colored on the display green, yellow, red, etc to warn you.



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7 hours ago, afcad said:

Not to start new topic, tell me please,  how to gain 1080kHz on automatic direction finder (ADF) ?

The ADF functionality is a function of X-Plane´s ADF system. It will not allow selection of 0.5 kHz and only go to a certain range (999 kHz). Sorry.



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