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RMI - wrong use of needles ??

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First of all

Thanks for creating this masterpiece - I enjoy flying it almost everyday.

I have found some discrepancies in the functionality of the RMI in your plane and the NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL T-34C AIRCRAFT. (http://www.t-34.com/documents/manuals/T-34C_NATOPS_Flight_Manual.pdf).

Quote from your manual:

This is a compass with two needles that point to ADF1 and ADF2 directions.

ADF1 (yellow) is set by pilot and ADF2 (green) is set by copilot..

Quote from the NATOP Manual (section 19.6.5):

A single needle points toward the magnetic course to a VOR station if the VOR system is in use. A double needle

points toward the magnetic course to a tacan station if tacan is in use.

VOR and TACAN operation is controlled from the cockpit position having avionics command only.

Indicators within the deactivated cockpit (RMI, CDI, VOR needle, operating frequency) are slaved to read the same as

indicators in the command cockpit. ( &

I hope that you can make use off this information.

Kind regards


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Yes true! the Mentor has a Tacan indicator.. but.. I think x-plane has not simulation on tacan stations so I made the 2nd needle to point to ADF2.

It was a decision I had to take, because there is no programming on the plane, so couldn't do like the real one. But you have all aids instruments to fly towards those radio aids without problem.

If someday I find how to make Tacan radios, then I will make them for sure.

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