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This is my first attempt at creating an airport scenery pack. I choose KPVD for several reasons, but above all for its size and sophistication. I felt a small “full size” airport would be interesting to create, and not too overwhelming to complete in a reasonable time (took about 5 weeks). While it’s not my home airport (KPHL), I have flown into it several times as a passenger, and have always loved its ease of use and it’s proximity to Boston, MA. Being my first airport, I had much to learn, and thanks to the posts of others on the various forums (X-pilot, AvSIM and the .org) and Ben’s work on the x-plane development blog, I was able to absorb an astounding amount of info about X-plane development, so thanks to you all! Also very special thank you to Marginal, whose excellent tools I have relied on so heavily to complete this project.

I’ve done my best to optimize the scenery, but it is very detailed and contains many custom objects, you will need a decent computer to run it well. This scenery come as two packs. The first is required and contains the airport and buildings. An optional but highly recommended package contains the photo real underlay. These .15m orthophotos are very high res 4k tiles and there are about 12 of them, so you will likely need little more than 1gig of VRAM, but if you have got the system, they look great. I have done some editing so that the change to x-plane default scenery is not so abrupt. Also note, that this project was built for X-Plane 10.25, and relies on HDR for night lighting. I am certainly open to feedback, and I expect some bugs but hopefully not many. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it. Please see the PDF for additional information.


· OpenScenry X

· RU Library

· R2 library

· Autogate plug-in by Marginal

THIS IS PART ONE OF A TWO PART SCENERY PACK. If you want the photo-scenery, please go here:

What's New in Version 1.2


  • removed r2 library which was causing crashes on some machines.

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