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Sorry for the quick revision, but it is well worth it. I received an unexpected message and gift from a community member...objects that he had modeled for this airport. I am humbled and of course added them for the whole community to enjoy. Thank you AndrooC!

This is KGRR Grand Rapids, MI. The package also includes Y70, a field which caters to gliding enthusiasts. Both fields were requested by fellow X-Planer Dave Robertson (check out his AWESOME XPlane videos on YouTube "redpiper1").


This version:

Modeled and textured feature canopy and ATCT

Road tweaks to enable automobile flow through the terminal area and parking garage (I know it's eye-candy...this will be enhanced once OSM data is updated)

Previous version:

Version 10 Only

Full ATC (no flows yet) at KGRR

GI lighting at both KGRR and Y70

"New" apron lights

Graduated LOD terminal objects

Plane spotting pad at KGRR


The underlying airport data for KGRR is largely the default from XP10. I only tweaked some of the hard surfaces around the terminal area to accommodate objects.

Y70 is built from the ground up as it only had a runway and a computer generated taxiway. Minimal GI lighting has been added for aesthetics.


It seems it wouldn't be right unless I had a glitch with the fenced parking facade. This time, even though my facade is aligned with the underlying pavement using "snap vertices" it still refuses render a whole segment properly. This is on the most northwest parking area (just ignore it) :-)

Credit shout outs:

AndrooC for the totally awesome and unexpected graciousness of the canopy and ATCT that up the visual appeal of the airport 1000%

All scenery designers regardless of talent, that inspire us to advance the XPlane experience

The whole LR team with special thanks to the art/texture person (I don't know who it is by name)

OpenSceneryX for objects

Finally, Dave Robertson both for the inspiration of this package and for modifying the base XP texture file so that we have a little variety on the apron lights now. Yes, the package is a little bigger than it would be because we had to mod and copy the texture files. We couldn't replace the original nor add it to the library…but we hope that LR will hear the plea already sent and include this in future releases as "stock". Until then, other designers feel free to use the hacked object and textures in your own projects. At least credit Dave…my hacking the object was easy. :-)

Constructive criticism/comments are always welcome. If you want to just gripe, please remember that people like me do this for the enjoyment (hence, the purchase price). Enjoy it or not, the choice is yours.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • New modeled objects (feature canopy and ATCT
  • Tweaked roads at terminal
  • Replaced static plane with double shadow

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