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  • Aerobridge-Meigs Field By Peter T.

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    KCGX is now available for v9 and v10.
    Aerobridge Studios-Meigs Field
    Developed and designed by : Peter Tram, John Spahn, Juan Menedez
    Manual : Peter Tram
    Photography: Online resources
    Version 2.0
    Merrill C. Meigs Field Airport (IATA: CGX, ICAO: KCGX) was a single strip airport that operated from December 1948 until March 2003. It was built on Northerly Island, the man-made peninsula that was also the site of the 1933–1934 Century of Progress in Chicago. The airport achieved international notoriety when Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered city crews to bulldoze the runway at night, and without the 30-day advance warning required by FAA regulations.
    From Wikipedia
    This release is a major update to the first release
    - Photorealistic ground
    - Highly detailed airport buildings.
    - Photorealistic textures
    - Realistic asphalt textures in runways and taxiways
    - Real-world airport lighting shades
    - Main buildings include real night textures
    - Authentic Vegetation
    Please contact us by emailing to
    or by questioning us here on X-Pilot
    Aerobridge Studios reserves all rights.Educational use, business use or
    commercial use, without a proper license is prohibited. Please contact
    us for license arrangements.Copying content for personal or other use
    not covered by the license is prohibited.
  • King Air Glass Enhancement By Leen de Jager

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    Till now , the cockpit and cabinwindows seen from outside always have been invisible.
    Just holes to look though , without any "glass" to be seen.
    In the latest version X-Plane 10.20 (build 102014)adding some realness to the glass failed again.
    I did not want to wait any longer.
    Just place the contents of the objects folder from this downlaod in the main objects folder of the King Air.
    A backup for the default files is included.
    I am confident you`ll never want to use these back-up files.
    Leen "Flybike" de Jager
  • KEDC Austin Executive Airport By jagipson

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    The main hanger, service hanger, covered apron and terminal were all hand-drawn using Google Sketchup and some photos. The remainder of the objects are X-plane 10 standard library and OpenSceneryX library objects.This is the first in a series I will release aptly-named Minor Airports of Central Texas which will also feature KGTU (Georgetown), KHYI (San Marcos Municipal Airport), and T86 (Gillespie County Airport, featuring the hanger hotel, a popular getaway for puddle jumpers).This is the new Austin Executive Airport, located next to the CWK VOR. It is a private endeavor which was opened as a releaver for Austin Bergstrom.I've personally never been there - I've constructed the airport from photos and satellite photography. If any RW pilots have been there, or go there, please send me some photos so I can make improvements.I hope you enjoy it. See you on Vatsim.
  • CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport By chris k

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    CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport
    1.20 July 27, 2014 Build
    Chris K and the ISDG
    This is a generally stable build with no library conflicts; and all areas should be drivable and flyable. The ILS may be a fraction off due to repositioning of the runways to their orthophoto corrected locations, and verified with another 3rd party. It is also currently lacking ATC taxi-flow.
    However, these omissions are not “showstoppers” per se.
    General Features:
    - Photorealistic terrain at 30cm/pix resolution as per the USGS
    - Proper Taxi Signage (was never there in any previous version of the CYYZ apt.dat it would seem)
    - Recent CAP CYYZ Charts (SIDs/STARs/RWY Approaches)
    - Repositioned most field objects to match the orthos, accurate within 15 cm +/-
    - Fixed runway markings, blastpads, and the like to reflect reality
    - Gritty ground and orthophoto texture support
    - Replacement Glideslope towers
    - Runway Stop Bar / Guard Lighting System (this is for YYZatcboy Joe How’s this for accuracy! )
    Each runway entrance is protected by a stop bar consisting of red in-set lights located at all taxi holding positions.
    This is the runway warning/occupancy indicator system in-use in Toronto, and will be familiar to most heavy metal pilots.
    - Build-out of industrial parks, Eglinton Ave E, Airport Road, Dixie Road, Brittania, Dixon Road, and the Hotel Strip
    - Various “Easter Eggs” with more to come in subsequent releases. (See if you can find the Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop!)
    Notes on the Taxiways:
    There are two versions of the taxiways included in this package.
    1. Normal taxiways shown (regular asphalt, visible, drivable)
    2. Hidden taxiways (regular asphalt, not shown, but still drivable)
    - You can also turn off the taxiways (hide/show) by replacing the “.POL”files located in the “orthophotos/” directory. This will give the same effect as in our CYTZ Package; whereas the taxiways are only drawn as per the ortho, but with visible (XP generated) centre, edge, and-hold-line markings.
    - Assuming you have the VRAM to run in extreme (native texture) resolution, you can take advantage of the full photo-realistic ground effect.
    - Simply copy the appropriate files form the “/1 Hide Taxiways/” directory into the parent directory and overwrite the existing POLs.
    - To restore the regular (visible) taxiways, simply copy the contents of the “/2 Show Taxiways/” into the parent directory, overwriting the POLs.
    - X-Plane 10.20 or better
    - OpensceneryX 2.0 (
    - A Modern Video Card with MINIMUM 512Mb VRAM.
    - You will want to run this scenery at “Very High” or “Extreme” Texture Resolution.
    - X-Plane 10.20 64-bit and 2 Gb VRAM Video card is recommended for the Highest Texture resolutions.
    Base Objects - Freeware FS2004 CYYZ Scenery:
    This is a direct 1:1 conversion of FS9 Scenery by:
    Howie Cassidy (
    Version 1.0 from July 3 2007
    As per the original LICENSE:
    Freeware for personal use only. No one is to reuse this work in scenery advertised as their own or to use this scenery in whole or in part for commercial gain.
    [Chris K's notes]: All FS2004 Objects, Textures, and Imagery included in this scenery are © Howie Cassidy. Under no circumstance am I (or anyone else) claiming ownership of said art assets. All Rights and associated Kudos go to Howie.!
    This package shall remain 100% Freeware to respect the original author's wishes.
    This package uses the converted objects as per RickMTL's conversion from 2007.
    Used with Permission from Rick as the base layer.
    Orthophotos © The United States Geological Survey
    The dataset is the 30cm/pixel US Canada Border HiRes Orthoimagery
    aka. USGS Dataset “US Canada Border – UTM Zone 16″ and “UTM Zone 17″
    This Imagery is in the Public Domain as per:…listofortho.php
    Copyrights and Credits
    USGS-authored or produced data and information are considered to be in the U.S. public domain. When using information from USGS information products (chrisk – which we are), publications, or Web sites, we ask that proper credit be given. Credit is provided by including the following citation:
    Credit: U.S. Geological Survey
    Department of the Interior/USGS
    The USGS home page is
    Scenery and 3D Object work copyright © 2012-2014 by the ISDG (International Scenery Development Group)
    All other derived materials are Copyright their respective rights holders, used with permission.
    You do not have to pay for this scenery. This scenery is Postcard-Ware.
    Please send us a postcard if you like the work! We’d love to hear from you.
    ISDG Group
    PO Box 892
    North Sydney, NSW 2059
    Visit our website at for all our scenery packages and add-ons.
    © 2012-2014 The International Scenery Development Group (ISDG)