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  3. I have an issue with the tbm900 crashing when AI traffic is loaded. I use world traffic 3. I read somewhere that other people were having issues with this as well but no fox for it. I have the latest version of xplane and the latest version of the tbm. any help is appreciated. thanks.
  4. vfr_steve

    TBM Ferry Flight 2019 - Tarbes to Scottsdale

    Excellent!I'm doing the same only in VR, my first ;eg is now up on Youtube:
  5. ilankrt

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    I am reading that other customers have also problems as Mac users like me. I would like to mention that I am on OS Mojave so problems are not specific to Catalina
  6. ilankrt

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    Yesterday I took my TBM900 out of my hangar after I installed the new update. As high end iMac (OS Mojave 10.14.6) user I thought that now my fps problem is solved. Activating TBM, while with cockpit view I got 30fps, changing to outside view fps drops every time to 1-2 fps!!! (hint to developer, it happened always after engine start) Discussing it with the developer he asked me to turn off rain effect. It didn't work ! Now I saw in the new version that rain effect is disabled for Mac, fine I though maybe now it will work, nothing like that - 2fps outside. I am really upset because I purchased this model as fully iMac compatible. I would like to discuss this bug with the developer. Unfortunately I wrote about it several times but didn't get an answer. I would also like to know if there are more iMac user having same problem?
  7. airfighter

    DCA River Visual approach

    Took sometime to do a flight beyond what I'm developing to do a normal flight in X-Plane...ended to do a Ronald Reagan Int, KDCA River Visuall 19 night approach HUD view! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBIpi0-zfIw
  8. Hello, this simply not does the trick because I lost completelly position of my flight. I simply want now again return to my flight as was working before, only this is good for me also in situations when Exception handler executes again. Now simply can't return to my crashed flight and continue. PLS make this aircraft working because after one year it's simply not frustrating but horrible solve flight to flight different reasons and investigations. Anyway in previous history I recommended not popup about new versions because this made also some similar problems what I remember correctly. Now this plane is simply not flyable. Important: Toto pls send me some file (email you can obtain from guys) which simply put me again to flight with running engine on some alt or pls give me infos what I need set inside which file becuase this is simply not normal. Pls not invite me to Discord, I'll go there no again because of full spams to my email after invitation. OM-ICO Win10 Home, XP11.36r2
  9. sundog

    VR....almost perfect !

    Thanks, I didn't know about the fog issue. I'm planning to dive into VR again after the holidays and see what can be improved.
  10. Goran_M

    Prop wash

    I can talk to Saso about this, but IIRC, in an earlier version of the TBM, we had it pull to the left, and quite a few people weren't happy with that. So the flight model was adjusted to have some pull, but not as much as it used to.
  11. Cameron


    Perhaps XPUIPC? The latest version is known to cause this behavior.
  12. Cameron

    DC 3 installation issue

    Which version of Mac OS?
  13. brettnicholls

    Prop wash

    Hi I have XPlane running in Experimental mode. According to the new info Prop Wash has been implemented to give a better effect. Taking off with the rudder set in the middle, yes I know it’s supposed to be to the Green mark, but I’m not seeing any pull to the left. According to Austin I should be hard on the rudder trying to keep it on the centre line. Any thought guys.
  14. Litjan

    Unable to set joysticks

    Hello Eduardo, could it be possible that you assigned an axis to throttle by accident (or automatically) on your joystick or other hardware? In that case this would always "override" your other attempts to move the throttle. Some hardware has additional little devices that count as "axes". Also be aware that X-Plane nowadays has different "profiles" for the hardware that can change from aircraft to aircraft - so one plane may work fine and another may not because the profile changes. Cheers, Jan
  15. Kartrider

    Descent question

    1 nautical miles = 6,076ft 3 degrees = tan(3) = 0.0524 1 nautical miles x 3 degrees = 6,076ft x 0.0524 = 318ft 10 nautical miles = 3,180ft 20 nautical miles = 6,360ft 30 nautical miles = 9,540ft 60 nautical miles = 19,103ft
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hi I had bought the IXEG B733 and after install and put licence every comand is working very well less the Throttle that not working. Same problem with comands of X-plane 11 f1 and f2 on the keyboard. Some one had this problem that could help me ? Thanks Eduardo Borges
  18. Eduardo Borges

    Unable to set joysticks

    Jan Thanks your help I left the AT off on painel but it is same problem. Throttle doesn't work not increase and not decrease ! either on keyboard and mouse Eduardo
  19. ItchyEye

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Did 1.5.2 get thrown off the back-burner?
  20. Cannot get the DC 3 to install properly. Keeps saying the dl’d file is corrupt. Have dl’d it several times, always with the same results. working on a Mac Pro and latest X-PLANE-11 version. Any hints would be most appreciated. thank you.
  21. Goran_M

    Saab Climbout on Autopilot oscillates/porpoises

    The one we're working on at the moment. To bring the Saab up to full compatibility for XP11
  22. Litjan

    Autopilot does not engage anymore

    Alright, I am pretty sure that this will be your solution - increase the setting for that center null area. The real 737 has either the mechanical lock-out bolts that you can hear whenever you move the yoke (click-click-click....) or the engagement is locked out electronically on the more modern MCPs (which we model). Cheers, Jan
  23. Litjan

    Strange MCP panel light

    Thanks for the clarification, Tom! I wonder why we didn´t see this one before... I will put it on the bug list. Cheers, Jan
  24. Litjan

    Unable to set joysticks

    Hello Eduardo, the throttle should normally work - unless it is being operated by the autothrottle mode. In that case only the autothrottle can move them. When you disengage the autothrottle, you need to re-align your joystick throttle with the 3D throttles in the cockpit (synchronize them) - for this we provide a "ghost throttle" that shows your hardware position until you "grab" control of the 3D throttles in the cockpit again. Let me know if that helped? Jan
  25. tkyler

    Strange MCP panel light

    In Planemaker, Standard > Misc Objects menu....the MCP lighting mode for the B733_mcp.obj is set to "glass outside", and is being affected by the landing lights when they're on. The pull-down for the lighting setting should be set to Glass (inside)...which should fix the issue. -TomK
  26. Eduardo Borges

    Unable to set joysticks

    Hello Litjan I bought B733 IXEG and all comands is working well but the throttle isn't work. I had tried to use keyboard but not work also. (f1 and f2). Could you help about it ? I am using X-plane 11
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