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  2. Livery List

    Hey Simolar, Currently working on a Falcon Air Livery, and will try the livery with the lower blue fuselage. Still working on the rear fuselage cheat, but here what i have so far far NB :Having problems getting a 'reflective' surface on the main fuselage, the nacelles are alight. any help would very much appreciated.
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  4. Sun reflection offset on water surface

    Laminar needs to create an astronomical model that simulates some known time before we can match it exactly.
  5. KEY expired help needed.

    This was inaccurate. You received a response within the 3-day window. RealScenery products are on a premium bandwidth server, with the access fee we receive passed on to you. Small price for not having backed up your software. As per our policy, all other products are unlimited downloads.
  6. IXEG 737 log txt

    It seems you moved out planemaker.exe You can make a shorcut anywhere, but you can't move the executable file out of the x-plane folder.
  7. Wingman Plugin development kit

    site closed for maintenance. when you try to access the links.
  8. KEY expired help needed.

    Well i am a bit shocked to say the least. I received an email with a link to re-download but with a 5 Dollar charge, i don't think i will be bothering.
  9. Re-buy?

    No, they've promised us a free upgrade for a long time now
  10. Sun reflection offset on water surface

    So, in the end, who should look up for a fix to this issue? X-Aviation or Laminar ? Your sky model is beautiful and it would be great to get that fix, instead of disabling it to default sky colors.
  11. TOC after Stepclimb

    Thanks Jan, good to know. I'll try today afternoon ;-) Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  12. TOC after Stepclimb

    Hi Oliver, the T/C is calculated when you press the EXEC button - and then it remains static, even if the airplane climbs much better (or worse) than expected. It is rare to reach the top of climb at exactly the precalculated point in the real airplane. Whenever you do a recalculation (like flying direct to a waypoint, entering a new climb speed, etc.) that requires you to hit the EXEC button, the T/C will be recalculated. In the real plane the T/C symbol will also disappear as you fly past it, this does not happen (yet) on our model. Cheers Jan
  13. Graphical CDU issue

    Thanks for the info - the PROGRESS page is pretty much a work in progress and will be improved and finalized in a future FMS overhaul. Cheers, Jan
  14. Graphical CDU issue

    Hello together, I have this issue with the CDU: If I use the "PREV PAGE" button, the issue does not occur. Regards Jens
  15. TOC after Stepclimb

    Thanks Tom Stian and mmerelles for your replys. Fully understood (i read the FCOM as well ;-) My understanding was, that the T/C indicator position is calculated based on the above mentioned parameters on a continuous basis.( whenever a/c is in a climb phase ) In my case: First level-off - cruise - step-climb - level-off (If I recall correct, its like that an the NG, same for T/D) We'll see how the XP11 flightmodel and VNAV is doing once its updated ;-) Anyway: enjoying this aircraft everytime i fly it BTW: will StepClimb (S/C point) somehow modelled ?? (since its avail in r/w according FCOM ??) Best Oliver
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  17. TOC after Stepclimb

    The flight dynamics for the 733 is not correct also due to the changes that came with X-Plane 11. So that will also make you reach T/C earlier when using XP11.
  18. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Is there any link to download this plugin still available anywhere? This script is going to save my life
  19. TOC after Stepclimb

    The T/C is an estimation based on no winds, standard temperatures. Under these scenarios you will reach T/C quite sooner than anticipated: -Having colder temperatures than standard (more climb ratio) -Having head wind component (moving upwards not forward as much as expected relative to the ground/distance) As per your screen capture it seems you have been experiencing quite strong head wind components. Look at your GS is quite low actually. When having head wind airspeed will look the same, but the aircraft is actually not moving forward that much in relation to distance traveled TC/ground. The aircraft is basically climbing but not moving forward that much as expected during planning.
  20. First official XP11 screenshot

    I have a notice on top of my monitor at work saying "DO NOT TOUCH MY SCREEN!" and still people insist on poking their grubby fingers into it Seriously, it's good to see some action from IXEG again, the v1.1 for XP10 is a useful update and the XP11 version looks great. Can't wait for it because that'll be the excuse I need to go and buy 32Gb of fast RAM and a copy of XP11...
  21. First official XP11 screenshot

    Hello Jan, will we have a lightning Update aswell with this update? For example: Im doing a night flight right now (almost everything is on high inlcuding reflections.) But the Pos lights dont reflect on the ground and Strobe / Beacon lights dont reflect on the plane itself which should happen as far i think. The brightness of the Taxi Light seem a way little to dim or maybe i just overestimate something there. Thanks.
  22. KEY expired help needed.

    I purchased the Enhanced Island of Oahu some time ago an i have recently built a new computer and want to install it on there. When i log into my X-Aviation account and download the installer the install fails due to an expired licence key so how do i get it valid again please. I have sent a ticket about a week ago and have had no response yet. Thanks.
  23. Re-buy?

    No lol!
  24. Re-buy?

    "...if you purchase now" Will there be a upgrade fee for us that bought it on release?
  25. Re-buy?

    Ok thanks for your answers, will buy now!
  26. GPU upgrade may help?

    ok thanks, I will give it a try....
  27. Re-buy?

    You will not need to purchase it again if you purchase now.
  28. TOC after Stepclimb

    Hi everybody, i saw this today: EETN - EDDF Initial FL 330, later on climbing FL350. As you can see, i reached FL350 well before (40NM) prior the indicated T/C. Actually that screenshot was taken also late, because i was waiting for the indicator to vanish ;-) But it did not, even when passing that point. You might want to look at this. Regards Oliver XP11.02 R1 Build 110201 (64bit), Windows 10. IXEG 1.1
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