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  3. Ikzay Iker Youtube channel

    Hello my name is Iker, I'm 18 and this is my youtube channel: Here you can find 2 videos of X-Plane every week and a livestream some weekends. I upload varied content in planes and destinations. I have 2500 hours of experience in the X-Plane which I put into practice modifying some airplane and uploading a tutorial. I fly in IVAO and also control, from time to time upload some video controlling in the tower of Bilbao. The main language of the channel is Spanish but sometimes I upload videos in English so that I can understand them all. I am about to reach 1000 subscribers and I would like to continue growing. I hope your support and that you like my channel. a cordial greeting Here you can see an example:
  4. Valencia - LEVC airport Icarus and Latinwings

    It looks very very great! Could you do Bilbao Airport?? ICAO: LEBB Is an airportin the north of Spain with a very beatifull aproach. I think you could make it in the future.
  5. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Looks amazing! And I think the wingflex is better than Flight Factor B777
  6. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Hi. So please clarify for me what I should do to get this great aircraft working in XP11? I'm starting from say a fresh download using the installer and place in the XP11 Root folder? Load the aircraft into Planemaker and save? I did see some liveries on the forum that are for XP11 which provide instruction to make the DC-3 work in XP11 like changing some of the OBJ files in the object folder. Is this something to be done in addition to saving the aircraft in Plane maker? My first attempt was to copy the DC-3 folder from XP10 and past into XP11 and then copy and paste the GIzmo plug in to XP11 resources - plug in folder. I opened the aircraft, the battery switches would not work. I removed the gizmo plug in and then everything worked except the starter switch which I got working with a keystroke Ctrl+1 and ctrl+2 (default keystokes in xp10). The plane flew fine except the altimeter guage, vertical speed, and airspeed guage didn't work. Kind of important gauges when flying How do you load a plane into planemaker? Anyway, I do love this plane and appreciate any help. Thanks Rob I use Windows 7, i7 4790 3.6ghz with boost to 4.0. GTX 1070 8G.
  7. Audio From NAV Including ADF

    PS: I was able to control the ADF-1 audio by using a keymapping CTRL-SHIFT-1 to audio_panel/monitor_audio_adf1 (mislabeled for ADF2 in XP10). It acts as an audio toggle. This avoids my having to tell people to patch my LF Range Experience LUA script to hard-wire the ADF audio ON to be able to navigate with it.
  8. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Hi everybody, hopefully the update will come soon enough as I'm waiting for it to buy this bird. by the way any news on the cabin light ? Even a very simple one with the actual cabin ? Personnaly I do care about the aircraft visuals at night so it would be great if it could be implemented. thanks B
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello, Cameron,

    I've enjoyed the Washington State scenery very much. I have a question:

    The one degree square south of the Hood River square and north of the Central Cascades square is missing, and this is obvious when flying over that area. It is the square east of Mt. St. Helens and west of Yakima.

    Is there a way that I could get this one-degree square to complete coverage of Washington State? 

    Thank you very much.

    Jack Connolly

    1. jackaphonic


      Following up, it would be the segment of scenery whose SW corner would be at 46 N -122 W, I believe.

  11. Missing sound files Saab 340

    This happened to me today with a fresh download from x-aviation, the files seem to be under <aircraft>/resources/sounds in various subdirectories. So for example for me the sounds it is looking for are here: F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Saab 340A\Cargo Variant\resources\sounds Incidentally for XP10 they are in the same sub directory under the aircraft dir, resources\sounds and it also fails to load them, installed 26/06/2015, however XP10 doesn't seem to throw the gizmo console up with an error like XP11 did so probably never noticed. To sort it out copy the contents of the sub directories to the <aircraft>/sounds dir which for the example above is: F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Saab 340A\Cargo Variant\sounds So by the time I'm done there are 88 wav files in this dir copied from the resources\sounds sub directories. I'm guessing some paths got mixed up somewhere either in the installer or scripts.
  12. New CFI

    I have my CFI job interview in a couple hours. I'm expecting it to go well. If anyone here has an opinion about debriefing apps like CloudAhoy, I'm open to hear them. I want to be the most effective CFI possible and use as many (worthwhile) resources as is practical.
  13. Brighter Textures

    Not bad. I make several months ago. Light cockpit with clear gauges glasses and Soviet Li-2 style livery. And polar variant for Antarctic flights.
  14. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Still waiting for a Gizmo update by XA.
  15. Livery List

    =DISCLAIME= I didnt know where to post this, sorry. Hi to all! Can anyone please paint the Virgin Blue livery for the IXEG 737 (picture down below). Thanks!
  16. Last week
  17. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Hi Jan, what a brilliant piece of aircraft the 737-300 is, job well done. My question is very simple; can you please give us an estimate when you expect version 1.1 to be ready for update? Regards, Frank
  18. Engine sound problem

    Hi there, Absolutely amazed by this simulation. By far the most accurate airliner I've seen on any platform, fantastic job! I am aware of others experiencing this issue and after trying the suggestions wanted to describe the conditions which I seem to experience it. Hopefully someone else may have seen/fixed this issue. During startup, the first engine sounds detectable in the flight deck appear as a low frequency humm of increasing pitch (proportional to N2/N1 speed) at around 15% N2. This sound is normally present throughout all engine speed ranges and the frequency (pitch) of the sound is always proportional to engine speed (fairly high pitch but quiet at idle). The issue is that I do not always get this sound (it's not clear what conditions stop this sound). I will always get the transient low frequency humm at light off (just as fuel is introduced to combustion chamber) but the higher pitch "permanent" sound is a little more hit or miss. i have found a few ways to get the missing sound back: 1. Firewall the throttles with the engines at idle (the sound will reappear as the engines accelerate past approx 70% N1) and then slowly retard the throttles back to idle. Pull the throttles back too quickly and the sound disappears again. 2. During start (just after light-off), set fuel cutoff switches to cutoff then back to run. 3. If the sound doesn't appear at start, click on save changes on the preflight menu to reset the aircraft to a "turnaround" configuration. I have tried uninstalling the gnd handling plugin but again this sound issue remains. Note that the issue is intermittent and possible to get around but with such an immersive simulation it seems a shame to have to resort to revving engines just after start! Anyone else with experience this problem? Any other solutions to try? FYI using XP10. Thanks!
  19. IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11 How to get it work

    Hi Tom, thank you. Good idea. I added that point.
  20. IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11 How to get it work

    Nice guide I would add that you should take a backup of the .acf file before changing it with planemaker.
  21. XPlane 737 CTD

    Hi harryh146, Glad to hear you are ecstatic. I am not if you still need help with the tweaks. If the aircraft is flyable for you, you better not change anything. However if you sill need the tweaks, I created a post describing them here: Cheers, Chris
  22. Hey guys, I have the fabulous 737 from IXEG working in XP11. Because this plane is not officially supported in XP 11 yet, I had to do a few tweeks to get the bird flying. I see a lot of people, asking the same questions in this regard here. What I'd like to do with this post, is to help people who would like to use the 737 in XP 11, by providing a single post with all the required steps so that people don't have to search that much. So, here we go: Installation Install XP 11 as you like by using the X-Plane 11 Installer.exe Install the IXEG by using the windows-installer.exe that comes with the download Specify your XPlane 11 (not 10!) root folder when asked by the IXEG installer When this is done you may, or may not be able to already fly the plane without further tweaking. However, I wasn't and here are the two tweaks I did. Fixing APU not starting and plane not correctly responding to thrust problems Make a backup of the file B733.acf under X-Plane11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic In your XP11 root folder, open PlaneMaker.exe Select File -> Open and find the file B733.acf under X-Plane11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic Select Standard -> Systems Navigate to the Electrical tab Check the following APU Checkboxs: auxiliary power unit (APU) APU provides bleed air for engine start APU provides generator for electrical supply Close the View with X (Note: Close the view, not the program) Select Standard -> Engine Specs Select the Description tab Set hi idle fuel adjustment to 1.16 (fuel ratio) Set lo idle fuel adjustment to 0.88 (fuel ratio) Close the View with X (Note: Close the view, not the program) Select File -> Save Quit PlaneMaker.exe And that's it. Go have a good time flying this beauty :-) For the sake of completeness: I use Windows 7 Home Premium (Version 6.1; Build 7601: Service Pack 1) X-Plane 11.01r2 IXEG 737 1.0.7 No other add ons Cheers, Chris
  23. Hi, yes you should see it in the plugins menu. Are you sure not having copied the compressed folder into the plugins folder?
  24. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    OMG this is awesome keep the good work. How is it playing with FPS at the moment ? Like everybody said, visually it better than FF and payware quality!!
  25. New CFI

    Congratulation!! Well done & welcome to the club.
  26. IXEG 737 Air Madagascar Livery View File Hello ! Here's my very first livery and contribution to this site ! This is the Air Madagascar livery for the IXEG 737 Classic, reg. 5R-MFH Submitter Lucky1508 Submitted 05/21/2017 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  27. Version 1.0.0


    Hello ! Here's my very first livery and contribution to this site ! This is the Air Madagascar livery for the IXEG 737 Classic, reg. 5R-MFH
  28. Hello, I thought I would try this utility. X-Plane 11 01r2 (build 110102 64-bit) Dropped the X-RAAS2 folder into my plugins folder, but when I open the game and look in the Plugins Tab it's not showing up. Should I not see it on my lists?
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