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  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Thanks Lijan
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  4. [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Hi Jan i just read over the whole thread again and your right, looks like the same bug. Cheers iain
  5. Starting with Gizmo

    OK then, some things you need to know about the structure needed. Gizmo scripts should live inside a folder called "script_src". You absolutely need an init.lua file. This is the file the Gizmo will look for and run. If you want to have separate files ie. for each system you can do that, as long as you indicate that in the init file using Lua common methods such as dofile "systems.lua" Also you need a main function that will run your stuff once per frame. Better try examples from the newer to the older. At a point was a switch to the way you call a dataref. If I'm not wrong the old way was xp.getDataref(...), while the new is dref.getDataref(...). Changing this might make them work.
  6. [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Hi Ian, this sounds exactly like the problem Stephan describes. I have filed a report with Laminar - I can not figure out what our plane is doing differently from the default 737 (where just one axis for yaw works fine...) Cheers, Jan
  7. Starting with Gizmo

    Thanks for the tips, Sorry I should have clarified that I have been using lua with AirManager and FlyWithLua for a while to animate gauges and work with timers/buttons etc I guess my subconscious didn't register it as important information as I am self aware about how little I know, alot of the tasks I do with it are variations of what I have already done before I will take onboard your suggestion and focus on learning more about the language. Are there any example scripts I can try and digest to build my understanding? The thing that sparked my questions was trying some of the examples people had posted (which worked at the time of posting) and they either spat out errors or crashed xplane
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  9. Unable to activate

    @Schorle Please upgrade to XP11.20r2. Laminar has fixed the bug.
  10. X-aviation licensing window

    XP 11.20r2 has been released and this problem has now been fixed. Update to r2.
  11. [Merged]Steering and differential braking

    Can I add my problem to this thread? I use a small mini joystick on a CH pro throttle for rudder, always worked fine, for taxying too. Now I find when I want to turn with the nose wheel at more than 45 degrees, I need a lot of thrust to do it. I check the control output and can see when I have this assigned as "yaw", then it activates the left and right brake when on the ground, this seems to be a new thing? If I quickly reassign the yaw as nose wheel tiller, then it turns perfectly with idle thrust. What has changed? My setup or they way controls work? It's actually not much hassle to reassign the yaw to nose wheel after landing, but would also be nice not to have to do that.
  12. windshield frame

    I think the other add-ons just don´t get it right. they all look too big for me. keep in mind: the lowest point of the overhead is just 20cm above the highest point of the glareshield. The pmdg has at least 30cm, same goes for the zibon the ultimate, and the flyjism boeings. lfyjsim looks like even moore.
  13. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    Guys, it is how it is: It works again. No idea why. Can´t reproduce the failure/mistake, sorry. But thank you all for jumping in and try to help!! Best Steff
  14. [Confirmed] XP10 Climb Performance

    +1. Have the same in XP10.
  15. Anyone tried to make b733_vrconfig.txt?

    I didn't manage to fine tune manipulators (i needed MCP rotaries the most, but all of the them are drag_XY type). However for the ones who like to have normal default seating position in VR I would recommend to create B733_vrconfig.txt file in the aircraft folder with the following content: A 1100 VRCONFIG ################################ #TELEPORT HOTSPOTS ################################ BEGIN_TELEPORT_HOTSPOT SITTING Pilot's Seat AABB -1.5 0.0 -17.0 0.0 2.0 -10.3 PRESET_XYZ -0.512 1.63 -12.8 PRESET_PSI 0.0 PRESET_THE 0.0 PRESET_PHI 0.0 END_TELEPORT_HOTSPOT So you will no longer find yourself right and behind the proper pilot position in VR. Most probably I will not experiment further with this file so I hope VR ready IXEG release will be coming soon
  16. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    I thought about this as well, but it's only engine 2 that is doing this. The log files will tell us everything.
  17. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    I'm no expert on the saab, so I will wait for others more qualified. However... Shouldn't the Cond levers be advanced to MAX before Taxi?
  18. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    If it happens again, can you please post your Log.txt file and GizmoLog.txt files immediately after shutting down the sim and make sure you shut it down with the Saab loaded. Both files are found in your X-Plane root folder.
  19. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    Sorry Goran, yes Here we are: Batt1 + 2 on Connecting External Power via the Menu left Switching EXT Power on on Overhead panel Bringin up both Cond levers to start position Starting number one, waiting until BEEP then to UNF position Starting number two, waiting until BEEP then to UNF position Waiting for generators getting into work Switching all the electronics on plus Standby Pitot and bleeds Flaps first position, Trimm checked Parking brake released, Steering enabled thust to taxi thrust, blocked by the barrier Engines spooling up, but Eng 2 spools down after spooling up to getting off.. Never had this before, changed nothing in the sim. I have to do a research what this can be. Curious. Best Steffen
  20. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    Definitely need more information on this one. Can you go through your entire start procedure?
  21. Engine 2 gets off at taxi...

    Hi, I flew the340 very often. Since yesterdsay the following occurs: Starting both Engines #1 and#2 using External power. After Generators switching on,disconnecting EXT Power. At begin of taxi ENG#2 gets off again without any reason to see. What can be wrong? Best Steff
  22. Best Praise There Is, I Hope

    Thank you, Marshall. For a 5 year old add on, it's still held in high regard by the community. And we're all very grateful for that.
  23. Best Praise There Is, I Hope

    As a longtime Mighty SAAB driver, but also a sometimes P3D user, I looked with at least a bit of interest on Carenado's new 340A for P3d. And, full disclosure, I'm a fan of many of Dan and Joe's X-Plane efforts, grumpy as Dan can be. So, given all that, just for yucks, even knowing that Carenado's non-XP planes have a somewhat patchy reputation, I tried the P3D 340A. Bottom line, no one here should lose any sleep over it. No one. Really. Truly. Now, Laminar, fix the ground-handling! And LES, keep up the superior work on this soulful airplane! Best, Marshall
  24. Some XP11 and Arizona...

    Ok, now that I know RealScenery works with X-Plane 11, will it work with Nimbis KPHX, Sedona KSEZ by X-Cor, KALS Glitter Gulch, and Arizona Mesh by Taburet?
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  26. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    Disabling downward ILSes did the job... My flight was predictable today. Thank you for the guidance. have a great day vijay
  27. Skymaxx Pro 4.6 and windshield effects

    Not at all. Glad you got it (somehow) sorted!
  28. Skymaxx Pro 4.6 and windshield effects

    Hi Cameron, Thanks for the quick response! I checked out the default 737 and it is not working on there either, however I do not recall there ever being rain effects on the default 737. I went back to Zibo and checked it again and what do you know, it is working fine now. Go figure.Sorry I wasted your time.
  29. Skymaxx Pro 4.6 and windshield effects

    Does it work for you with the default 737? Sounds like Zibo may have adjusted something from the norm.
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