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  2. Leading Edge Simulations DC 3

    How do you do How do you do what you just said to do?
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  4. I've created an Airwolf model(For pictures see link below) with Maya 2016, but I'm having big problems getting it exported and integrated into X-Plane via the new xplane exporter in blender. I'm looking for experienced X-plane developers who could possibly help get this model integrated and working in X-Plane. This project will be aimed at the payware market and I would be willing to come to an arrangment with anyone who can help fully complete this project to market. If anyone is interested then please PM(message) me. Thank you.
  5. ILS not working

    No idea what you are doing wrong, except that you are doing something wrong :-) I recommend watching the enclosed tutorial videos and do like I do in them and you will learn how to fly an ILS. Happy landings, Jan
  6. ILS not working

    the airport is CYQB but i have the same problem with the others. when i engage the VOR its light in white but always stay in white nevre go up (like engaged) and then the GS when i engage the approach is stay white too never been active neither VOR or GS:(((
  7. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    I appreciate the input, but we have already considered the gyros.
  8. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1 Maybe this post will be relevant. I've expirienced same problems in B1900 aswell, but now it looks like it working fine.
  9. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    There is no quick fix. We believe something changed in the sim in v11.10b8 that is causing this issue, but we have not been able to determine what the problem is yet.
  10. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    Is there any fast fix that can be done in PlaneMaker or somewhere else? Or problem is much deeper inside custom avionics? Maybe at least is known, what couses this AP issues in 11.10?
  11. 1.21

    Before the end! (Comes with a free towel).
  12. Hello I have recently picked up Sky Max Pro and not too pleased with it.I have played with my settings and watched some videos before,and I still cant get a reasonable balance between performance and the overall cloud representation.When I disable Sky Max Pro my fps goes back up to what it was before I had bought the product.Currently I regret buying this product.


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    2. airlinepilot44
    3. airlinepilot44


      Do you think there will be much performance improvements in v4.7 of Sky Max Pro ?

    4. sundog


      We haven't planned what will be in 4.7 yet, so the honest answer is I don't know. Offhand I don't know of anything we can do to substantially make it faster than it is already, without sacrificing quality or something else.

  13. Everyone, I'd like to officially create a post for Attitude Simulations upcoming San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) scenery for X-Plane. The airport will include the following: -28SQkm coverage area around the airport, not including Downtown San Antonio. -Inner Downtown San Antonio modeled -High quality Orthoimagery -Completely modeled surroundings of the airport including Warehouses, Car dealerships, Retail stores, etc.. -Hand placed houses -Completely hand placed, custom foliage -Higher detail modelings of known areas surrounding the airport such as North Star Mall, Blossum Athletic Center.. -Highly detailed Terminal, Hangar, and FBO modeling -Custom HD ground textures for concrete, asphalt, airport markings, etc.. -Corrected default roads, roads highways and railways overlay the Orthoimagery -X-Plane 11 PBR completely implemented in every aspect possible! -And much more as development continues! Here are some in sim screenshots to show our progress over the last 6 months. No estimated release date as of yet. Enjoy!
  14. Dear IXEG team, I am having an issue that maybe related to your aircraft. I have Master and Slave computers, both running X-Plane 11.10 and IXEG latest version. Master: 3D cockpit view (PFD & ND mainly) (NVidia GTX1080) Slave: 3 screens with outside view without instruments (NVidia GTX 1080Ti) All the screens are connected to graphic cards with good quality HDMI/Display port cable. The slave center screen is the one activated for sound. When I increase throttle, there is a kind of metallic sound that disappears again when the engines reach full throttle. When airborn, as soon as I press "gear up", then there is a high frequency sound (a bit like an old days dial-up modem from the 90's) that doesn't stop. I have tried with the other 2 screens with same sound problem. I have tried with many standard planes from X-Plane without any sound problem. The sound on the master computer's screen is always fine. Any idea what this could be, or what I should try next? Thanks in advance. Cheers Sylvain
  15. Last week
  16. XP 11.10 final

    Turth is we like talking about stuff too. It builds enthusiasm and our own energy. Problem is 2017 was the year of the Internet Troll. A small % of people can be excepttionally good at making life crap for developers. And thus we go radio silent. Thanks for your enthusiasm for our products. We appreciate it.
  17. 1.21

    Before the end of a year!
  18. XP 11.10 final

    Thank you for your answer, I mean really. I’m really tired of developers giving no information at all. All we need is more transperancy imo, answers might not be what we hope, but knowing something is not gonna happen soon is way better than hoping something won’t happen soon
  19. Nav Data Update

    Hello Everyone, I am new to X-Plane world and have recently purchased X-Plane 11. I am very familiar with microsoft flight simulators. After downloading X-Plane 11 and playing around with everything and getting used to the key commands. I installed Navigraphs latest airac data files. Using "navigraph simlink", I have assumed all of the files were installed properly. When I open the default B737-800 it continues to exhibit the original default nav data. Can anyone help me to correct this situation? Thank You, Snavecarr
  20. 1.21

    Before the end of the year?
  21. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Thanks folks, I'l be moving on. My new FF 767 has a popup CDU AND a remote CDU that will run in a browser on my computer or a browser on anything else like a phone or tablet. So I can follow a flight on the CDU at the dinner table.... Problem solved.....
  22. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    Thanks Jan and Morten for the extended information. I will be back if I get some more clues about the issue.
  23. Engine rating

    Thats what Tom told me in a chat - but maybe there is a way around that! Cheers, Jan
  24. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Thanks for the nice words... for what it is worth, there IS the possibility to output the CDU to an iPad for our plane as well, look here: Cheers, Jan
  25. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    ...and if you find out, I would be interested, too. It may have to do with framerate (recording interval) or with the length of the previous flight (amount of storage space for recorded data) - but that is total guesswork on my side. Cheers, Jan
  26. XP 11.10 final

    It "could" be done in 2018. And I am hoping it will, but I can´t promise anything. Jan
  27. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    There is a deliberate delay on the outboard ground spoilers in real (1,25s). The reason is that airliner wings (supercritical airfoils, or aft loaded wings) have a larger portion of the lift on the wing trailing end (further aft than a conventional wing). So when the spoilers deploy, center of lift moves significantly forward, this will cause an UP pitching moment that *can* result in a tail strike. So by putting in a delay, the nose will be on its way down when this happens and reduces the chances.
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