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  2. Xplane11 crashing by Saab 340A

    Yes, you are right. I am still on 1.20 with IXEG for that reason Cheers
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  4. Well, just a reload of XP seems to have done the trick. No need for me to reload the IXEG program & the pop out is there where it should be. As I mentioned before it appears a change in A/C is the trigger.
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  6. Second time this has happened when I changed from Zibo B738 while sitting at an airport. What is not visible in the pix in the top RH corner is "LUA Stopped." The Gizmo pop out no longer appears & no buttons can be moved/switched. Last time I (and this time) I reloaded the scripts with no result. Question :- What is the the Hotfix used for & do I need an ID? Also would the message that my software was authenticated popping up when another A/C was loaded have any bearing on the problem....just asking. Last time it all came good after I had exited X-plane & reloaded IXEG so I am about to go through the procedure again with my fingers crossed. Lesson learned......don't swap A/C.
  7. Please join me from KSFO to KPSP on Pilotedge. Thanks
  8. Xplane11 crashing by Saab 340A

    Not much point packaging the Saab update up with a buggy copy of Gizmo is there? Notice all the IXEG bug threads right now from the update we just published? The same plugin powers both aircraft. Systems scripts run on top. We could publish the Saab tomorrow, but it'd just create more headaches for everyone. Your patience would be appreciated.
  9. Hello Jan, I have sent a message to Laminar Research about the missing airport, however I have jus tried it in the X737 and it is recongnized including the RNAV Approaches for both runways Thanks Arslan
  10. High oil temp in cruise

    Does anyone else also get pretty high engine oil temperatures during climb and cruise? Xp 11.11, IXEG 1.21
  11. Xplane11 crashing by Saab 340A

    I see...a long line then
  12. Hello, I really like flying the IXEG. But I have a question about the trim in cruising. When I fly on FL370, I have always raised the nose of the aircraft 5 °. I presumably have an immensely high fuel mileage. (600nm 9.5 to fuel) In the external view, the plane (the windows) is never straight, but always tilted backwards. Flaps are all retracted, Airbrakes are retracted and I fly over the FMC. Do I have to possibly something in the FMC enter something? But my display shows CRZ mode after CLB mode. Or is it something completely different? Thank you in advance for your answers! Manuel
  13. Well I was wrong, navdata has nothing to do with it. I completely removed and reinstalled the XP11 IXEG install and updated Gizmo, and I found that like the others, it works if I load IXEG first but it crashes if I load any other plane first (even default X-Plane aircraft) and after a crash, the reload aircraft command from the developer menu gives a working IXEG. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  14. Hello everyone. Ben, Just in case you still looking for additional info regarding this bug. I am also getting the same error when starting X-Plane with Zibo737 and then changing to IXEG. Just tried to start with default Cessna. Switching from Cessna to IXEG, same crash (Loading IXEG first, works without problems): I am using the latest Gizmo from your Facebook page: Gizmo64 v18.02.12.240 Edit: Reloading the Current Aircraft from X-Plane Developer menu, reloads IXEG without crash. I am currently on my MAC laptop. Can try the same on my main windows PC if needed.
  15. Engine failure after V1

    Hello team, I was practicing today the procedure during a failure after V1 and found that the behaviour of the IXEG is really hard to control. I have recorded a couple of videos so you can see what I mean. Basically I am failing engine 1 at 123 knots, V1 is 120 and the plane totally rolles to the left, out of the runway. I try to apply full rudder pedal to keep it in the center line of the runway but, until today, I have not been able to do so. I am using X-Plane 10 at MPTO, no wind, no rain, configured "ready to fly". This is the first video where I record from inside the cockpit: In this video we can see the replay from the outside: This third video is an actual practice of an engine failure after V1. It is an Airbus but what I want to show is how the pilot applies rudder control and is able to keep the plane flying nice and soft: I appreciate very much your feedback. Greetings!!!
  16. Hi Jan, I will send it to Laminar Research first time am dealing with this as am new in XP world. Thank you.
  17. We are polling the official X-Plane airport database (apt.dat) - not the user´s Custom Scenery folder. Thats why it won´t show up until you either hand-edit the correct apt.dat or (easier) upload the airport to Laminar Research. Cheers, Jan
  18. Thanks Jan, I actually added the airport with WED which is weird. Arslan
  19. I just checked, the speedbrake increases rate of descent at 250kts from 1600fpm to 2000fpm. Thats exactly like on the real aircraft. As for it being "too ineffective" - you just found out one of the reasons why proper descent planning is so important in the 737 classic . CAL4 is not known as airport in X-Plane. You can "make" it with WED and upload it to Laminar, if you want it to be in the simulator. Thats why it can´t be picked as destination or origin. It can still be found as REF airport, because that position is coming from another (official) database, and we do not crosscheck if the airport is present in X-Plane when entering that field. Cheers, Jan
  20. Thanks guys, Thanks for looking into CAL4, The speedbrakes is almost to no use for me and thats up to flight detent. Arslan
  21. Hi, Morten is right - the real speedbrake´s effect is pretty bad, especially at low speeds. On the upside, you don´t have to observe a possible increase in stall speed, like you do on Airbus-type aircraft. The speedbrake at the FLT detent (don´t use it above that while in flight) will give you roughly 30% more sinkrate at 250kts IAS. Less when slower, a bit more when faster. As for the nav database range: We did increase it substantially in patch 1.2 (iirc). No idea why an airport would go into the REF AIRPORT field but not in the ORIGIN, have to check that out and will report back. Cheers, Jan
  22. Hi Krzysztof, you may not be quite up to the current status of our VNAV implementation. Unfortunately VNAV is unable to follow more complex arrival procedures, and it also fails to read some restrictions from the database (especially waypoints with both above and below). For now you will have to fly descents like real pilots mostly do - in FL CHG or V/S modes, calculating the descent parameters in your head. We are working on improvingh VNAV in the future, so that also less experienced pilots can fly complex arrivals. Cheers, Jan
  23. Speed brakes should give you about 500 fpm extra rate of descent, not very noticeable
  24. IXEG 737-300 1fps bug

    Yeah, and it may be worth checking if you have antivirus software running that could interfere with the FMS computations. There is some of that going on starting at lift-off, and you may have modified the routing/performance calculation unknowingly (like entering a new weight) and not executing it. So the FMS is constantly recalculating the modified routing. If antivirus checking interferes with this, the slowdown happens. I know many people are VERY worried about disabling live antivirus checking, and they frown upon excluding a folder from checking, but it may be worth just trying to test if that is the cause. We are still looking at options to remove this adverse effect of database accessing. Cheers, Jan
  25. I revive this issue again today, anothre airstrip in Canada CAL4 i not in Database, when I enter it into REF Airport it is know but not in ORIG or DEST. Also I have noticed that the speed brakes drag is almost unoticeble is this something related to me only or it is something that had been made aware of? Thanks for the support. Arslan
  26. Sorry about being unclear, but yes, as I remember it was the same at least in the respect of "OnKickstart" and "GateKeeper". I tried to reproduce it again but couldn't. The one thing I changed between then and now is that I installed current navdata (1802, before it might have been the navdata that comes with the installation), which I missed before since the FMS didn't work after all. That's all I have time for right this moment.
  27. Crash after 1.21 update

    Bug confirmed. -sigh- Thanks...
  28. "Same for me", exactly the same, down to exact error message and exact aircraft selections? Or just "vaguely the same, i saw some red text" ..... Every detail matters. No matter how tedious it seems to report it. Esepecially prior aircraft selection in this particular instance. Thanks.
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