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  2. No Logo Lights

    While we all waiting for new major update on aircraft systems I have thought about one small visual detal. The logo light is not illuminating if it is on and I have a view from the cabin. At night I can see that it illuminates somewhere from outside of the wing. May be some textures do not alloe to see it... Is it possible to easily correct this?
  3. Anyone, please? Thank you, Vital.
  4. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Austin is obviously still experimenting with the ground effect, affects all aircraft. At this point report your observations to LR.
  5. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Can anyone flare this plane properly at 15 or 20 feet in beta4? It's almost impossible to raise the nose at that point.
  6. Training Video's

    I'll check the videos, sure. Thank you. And a "hello" from my dogs to your dog!
  7. Training Video's

    Really?? I was in coffin corner?? Because of the altitude? I heard of that in some Air Crash Investigation video. Holly sh... But, but but .... the red marks in the ... er... EFIS? EADI? They don't appear when flaps are up, would I know I was in ... brrrr ..... coffin corner? ... (spoken "Côfen Cônah" in England).
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  9. Livery List & Requests
  10. Passwords leaked at

    Looking at that service now.. Is it only subscription based ?
  11. Ixeg B733 version 1.2 in xplane11

    Thanks for advice. Copied the coroute file from my previous xplane 10. It was then possible to load flight plans from this into the fms so I assume the reverse is possible.
  12. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Hello pilots, as XP11.10 is getting closer to final version ( I hope), can we expect some update on B733? Maybe some animation or....I don't know ....FMC features absent till now? Cheers
  13. Engines not starting

    I am part of those clandestine Saab 340 pilots in XP11 and therefore I do not complain that my engines won't start in 11.10b4
  14. Passwords leaked at

    I personally use and recommend this;
  15. Hi! When I'm using 4K resolution in full screen mode I can't click on the 'Engine Starter' on OverHead Panel. In addition I can't use the Altitude switcher on MCP. this issues disappear when I'm changing the simulator from Full-screen to window mode or when I'm changing the resolution any help ?
  16. Last week
  17. Some moderators over at just said that many passwords have been leaked. If you are using the same username/password here at I recommended you to change password here as well.
  18. Unable to load the aircraft

    Oh! Sorry, and indeed I looked for other similar threads, but my mistake didn't see it. Thank you very much for the reply and support.
  19. X-Plane 11 Lighting and reflections

    Yes I agree, and the flickering is indeed an issue of which I wish it will be fixed someday. Glad you like the vid.
  20. Unable to load the aircraft

    One post below the one you just started...
  21. Unable to load the aircraft

    Hi all, Without realizing the risk, I installed the beta updates and my IXEG 737 became unable to load. I then unticked the betas option during the update and I rolled back to the non-beta version of XP11. However, even after I uninstalled the aircraft and deleted the Gizmo folder, the aircraft is unable to load. I get the following screen. Any ideas?
  22. MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Thanks guys. All three gang members plus Ben via Messenger responded immediately and got it running... Kudos My day job is keeping me away from the computer lately, and don't have as much time as I have enjoyed in the past for XP related activities. One of these days I'll do a full flight and will check the sweetness of MaxxFX. keep up the good work.
  23. Ixeg B733 version 1.2 in xplane11

    create folder ‘coroutes’ under the ixeg 737 root folder, this should allow you to save routes
  24. This latest version 1.2 has been installed successfully and a number of flights have been successfully concluded. However it has not been possible to store the FMS flight plans. On investigation I note that the coroutes file is missing. Is this deliberate or a mistake and are the .fpl files still valid?
  25. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    There is a moment during the transition from ie, 59 to 60 that look like is going ....59 50 60 61 62.... This is due to that the 10ths digit is not rolling but "digital", so until the speed reach 50.5 shows "5", and then changes to "6". If this is the one, yes it needs fixing.
  26. P.180 Avanti II - Support

    When you accelerate for take-off the IAS shows "58,59,50,51....59,60,61.....68,69,60,61,....68,69,70,71.....78,79,70,71,72.....78,79,80....etc.." Is that clear now, what I meant?
  27. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    Hi there. Reading through this thread. Same error came up today. Probably because I am on 11.10pb4 for XP11. I could not find those files in the Xaviation folder. I do have the same error. Thoughts? I did delete Marke.1 and then re-entered license. It worked. Looks like the plan has issues with the latest beta.
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