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    I need help please, I bought SoundMax twice and it does not give me any option to install it, I already researched and it tells me that it is not compatible with windows 10, Xaviation never responds, what do I need to do?

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  5. EGT

    Wrong Dest Alt in FMS LTE

    There are some bugs with the G1000. I'm not sure HotStart's or LR's. For example, if you enter "KJFK" it should only enter 4 characters, but the display shows "KJFKA" and tries to search waypoints, not airports. This is a bug. I've also found it necessary to clear the flight plan, enter the route, then tell it to use the FMS for pressurization schedule before it shows the correct destination and elevation. I think it should do this as soon as the destination is selected.
  6. EGT

    Fuel range ring ?

    It's wrong for me the majority of the time. Where do you file bug reports with LR?
  7. I had also random crashes with TBM 900 2019-10-22 21:19:13 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 is there any update or fix ? thanks
  8. jcallum

    Throttle Gate/Prop Governor Issue

    I have just downloaded and installed a fresh TBM900 into a fresh X-Plane 11.36. I have loaded and initialized the aircraft. However, the throttle gate doesn't appear to be operating and the prop governor is failing before I even start the engine. I have tried loading a new airframe but the same problems occur. I have assigned a button to 'toggle thrust reversers' but it doesn't appear to work. The throttle never goes into flight idle but directly into Taxi Range. What can I be doing wrong. I never experienced this problem with my previous version of the TBM. Log file attached where you can see the prop governor failing. John. Log.txt
  9. Cptburgos

    Id locked

    Already solved my problem, thanks to everyone.
  10. ilankrt

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    EGT, thanks for answer! First of all I am disappointed not to hear from Cameron since 11.10. Since then the TBM lies in the corner of my hangar useless. I was watching carefully my video memory (AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB) and it was never overloaded also while using more complex airliner models and high resolution landscapes. I tend to think that the developer didn't test enough or into depth the functioning of the TBM model on iMac. There are more iMac user complaining about the same problem. Nevertheless it will be very interesting if you could tell me how the TBM behave on your Mac and what is your iMac configuration... (you can use the model on both systems legally ...)
  11. Probably just the acf file.
  12. I have a backup, but is there a single file that just needs replaced? I hope Jan can update the brakes in the download version. Currently, I switch my rudder to "nose tiller" in the controls once I reach the ramp.
  13. as far as I know the only way is to reinstall the aircraft, unless you have a backup. Don’t use plane maker. For me the brakes and the steering are too strong and sensitive but I compensated with the curvature in the X-plane axis setting. Hello
  14. RobW05

    Fuel range ring ?

    The "why" I don't know, but just to explain what I meant with "off": 1. It shows a false range. -> That is something Toto has been working on, so it's a TBM "bug" and will have to be fixed by Hotstart. 2. The ring sometimes does not center correctly. -> That seems to be a Laminar bug, but I have no idea if they are working on a fix. If you can reproduce it best would be to file a bug report with Laminar.
  15. Ok, so what is the best way to repair it, download the aircraft again? Or I might have a backup I can grab the file from. Then the noise wheel assist needs changed in plane maker in order to be able to turn while taxiing, how can I update that without messing up the lights again?
  16. EGT

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    That sounds like the GPU is running out of memory. I get glitching of the propeller spinner in external view with icing present. It's fine the rest of the time. This is on PC/Windows 10 with a GTX1080 (not Ti). I was told to update my graphics drivers, but I doubt very much that is the problem. Are we allowed multiple installs of the TBM? If so, I'll install it on my iMac 5K and test, but IIRC your symptom of a total lock-up is what happens when XP exhausts the video memory. I must hard reset the computer in this case.
  17. jcallum

    CTD using Pilot Edge

    Yes, I guess I will have to do that. Its too bad we don't have some better diagnostic tools. However, I guess its the nature of the beast.
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  19. Goran_M

    Lost the "Vertical Track" voice after upgrading to 11.36

    Very possible that Laminar fixed it in 11.40. I believe they were made aware of it.
  20. EGT

    Fuel range ring ?

    Why is it "off"? I thought it was supposed to be centered on aircraft position, and based on current vertical speed, ground speed, and altitude? Are Laminar fixing this?
  21. Goran_M

    CTD using Pilot Edge

    You could try a second install of X-Plane with just the TBM and PilotEdge. Then add all other plugins, 1 by 1 until it crashes again.
  22. Hi Litjan, thanks for clarification.
  23. I'm running 11.40b7 and hear it.
  24. Hi Ian, yes, some stuff has changed in the way that planemaker saves the aircraft (lights) - we will have to adapt the 737 to make it compatible with the new planemaker. Cheers, Jan
  25. Ok, thanks again for the confirmation. Same identical problem. I used clean IXEG installation.With 11.36 it is better not to open and save IXEG737 in Plane Maker
  26. Pretty sure I have the same problem, right and left map lights not illuminating, background light works but when the strip light under the mcp comes on it has not effect. Jan said a while ago to only use 11.26 version of plane maker or it messes up the lights, I used 11.36 thinking it would now be ok but maybe I was wrong. Jan, can you give me some feedback, and let me know how to repair (I guess a fresh install of IXEG?) Thanks iain
  27. Hi Lain, thanks for the reply. Yes I think it's a problem with 11.36 and IXEG but I don't know what kind. It had never happened to me before. The fact remains that even without making any changes in plane maker, but still saving the plane then something does not work properly anymore
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